Political Markaz - Karachi – An example of destroyed Pakistan economy

Karachi – An example of destroyed Pakistan economy

Karachi – An example of destroyed Pakistan economy

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First time in Pakistan this has happened when Eid Al Adha was well known for the Sheep skin business. The terrorist groups would fight for getting these skins in an armed manner. It is the first time this has happened that there was no one to buy these skins. I heard that first it was being sold for just 100 Rs and later it was thrown away and are still lying. Some welfare organizations have taken some.


The skin of animal is very expensive and has an industrial status. As is the raw material for leather industry. This Halal leather is present in Pakistan and could have been sold to China and as per statistics, it was a big business. What happened this time, was something made everyone to think, as to why? There are many reasons. There is an involvement of Mafia. But one big reason is the destruction of economy.


If you see from the commercial perspective; if someone buys at 100 Rs, then pre processes it and the costs that comes on it, he might have to spend 200 Rs, and then when he has to sell at low price due to currency fall, taxes being applied on the sheep skin. They will raid warehouses if someone piles the skins, there will be prosecution. This trap they have laid has done this. If the economy is so weak, then the government should have taken these skins, collected and would have sold this outside, it would have been a big support to the country.


This would have been a few million dollars business. The economic situation that has been made is destroying everything. This way everything will get destroyed. Last year with sugarcane, the trolleys were thrown on street, some burnt their farms, some did something else. This way everything will be like this.


If you bring tomatoes to market, and get caught tax. I have come to sell tomatoes and I have been fined for 2000$. People gradually will start to burn their own production. You can see warehouses are empty, because they are afraid that taxes will be imposed. You are not buying leather skins and you can estimate what is being done to the economy.


One difficulty which these skins, intestines and left over of the slaughtering, then the floods came with all garbage around. The entire city of Karachi with water, garbage is turned into a big filth. Now they are predicting that there will be stormy rains for another two days and still the previous filth is not cleared and then above this there is more difficulty. We should pay attention, that we are not able to do anything for Kashmir, for economy and to clean the city. This is because there has been no attention to take care of the country, the entire focus is on power game.


This has been a weakness and Pakistan has been weakened on this. Pakistan has a big force, labor power, human resource, technology power but still the country is a victim of economies, because the politicians above has trigged such issues and work that they have paralyzed the entire nation, and there is no progress, development, growth and if such atmosphere prevails for 100 yrs. as well ,world will play with us.


Till the time the community situation of ours improve, if we do not develop respect for each other, get divided into groups, sects, people are put inside prisons then the situation would be like this and we will have to beg with Trump for everything. Trump is the evil omen for Pakistan. May Allah protect Pakistan from the evils of Trump and Modi and terrorists. We pray to Allah to give Kashmiris oppressed from India.




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