Political Markaz - Israeli announces plan to martyr Syed Nasrallah

Israeli announces plan to martyr Syed Nasrallah

Israeli announces plan to martyr Syed Nasrallah

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Israel has announced that along with Arab nations they have made a squad and center to martyr Sayed Moqawamat. They have not kept this secret and publicly announced this; Arab nations, their intelligence and terrorists will all be part of this plan. They have made this conspiracy as they believe that they cannot do anything till the time this Syed is present and hence they have kept all their hopes after the martyrdom of this Syed. This is their planning. These Satan’s and their Satanic stratagems will never understand that martyrdom does not weakens Shiite instead it strengthens Shiite. This is the school of martyrdom which has sprouted from martyrdom only. This tree has been watered with martyrdom. If Shiite was to end with martyrdoms and martyrs then it would have ended with the martyrdom of Imam Ali. It would have ended with the martyrdom of Lady Zahra (s.a), on martyrdom of Imam Hassan (a.s) and Imam Hussain (a.s). But this school did not end with martyrdom. We pray to Allah to protect Syed Moqawamat from this conspiracy. Shaheed Abbas Moosavi the first leader of Hezbollah was martyred by Israel but did that weaken Shiite instead it made Hezbollah stronger. May Allah protect Syed Moqawamat. The life of Syed Moqawamat is death for Israel and martyrdom of Syed Moqawamat is also destruction for America. We do not desire that he should be martyred but his martyrdom will foil their satanic plans and that task which was to be fulfilled later would happen faster. The way Supreme Leader has prophesized that Israel will not see the next twenty five years. When the Israeli Prime Minister said that we will remain peaceful for twenty five years then the Supreme Leader said that your twenty five years won’t come. You will perish before twenty years with your mischiefs, Arab followers and with all your crimes Allah will purify this land from your impure existence.

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