Political Markaz - Israeli Aircrafts landing at Pakistan airport

Israeli Aircrafts landing at Pakistan airport

Israeli Aircrafts landing at Pakistan airport

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Like other issues this issue is also buried in Pakistan like other issues. Some people became attentive on this news but like other cases it got buried. One news came out in media that an Israeli aircraft entered Pakistan and stayed for few hours and then flew out. This happened on the same day when the Israeli PM Netanyahu went to Oman. This Zionist criminal tyrant went to this Arab state of Oman, met Sultan Qaboos and they agreed to accept Israel. On the same day the Israeli sports Minister visited UAE and she met the Emir of Abu Dhabi, visited their Grand mosque. Their delegation visited various Arab states to accept them, and entire Arab world is ready to accept Israel except for two countries, Lebanon and Syria. The others have already accepted, they have established diplomatic relationship. They are making use of Israeli expertise in wars, terrorisms and Israel is making use of their money. They have found this opportunity to openly announce diplomatic relationship and open embassies. Israel has done a very active diplomacy in the last few days and this is the most humiliated day for Arabs and Muslims. That day was of disgrace when Israel occupied Baitul Muqaddas, then the day of disgrace was when Egypt accepted them and now this is a disgraceful day whereby all Arab nations are accepting them without making any noise. They are submitting in front of this tyrant, killer and murdering. And with them the Arabs want to end Shias. They want to kill Shias in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. They want to specially besiege Iran.

This news came to Pakistan that their aircraft landed here. The Israeli journalist mentioned this that they have visited Pakistan and no one in the world denies this except for Pakistan government who denied it. They did not do any investigation on this and media also remained silent and buried this news. Whether the flight came or not, who came, whom they met will become clear after sometime as many things come out later. This is true that one top of the list global broker of Pakistan; who has disgraced Pakistan and is very active now; that is Parvez Musharraf who has formally no role but has a high role in the Pakistani government now. He is very close to Zionists and wants Pakistan to get close to Zionists. During his government tenure he sent his ambassadors, delegates to Israel and had reached very close but could not formalize the relation of Pakistan with Israel. He desired a lot but could not accomplish this as this was not possible to continue in the other governments. In this government they can see this becoming practical and they consider this government as the best set up for establishing relationships with Israel and this broker sitting there is doing all this. The flight came or not will be decided later, but this is true and proven that amongst the current roles of Parvez Musharraf one is this on his agenda to resolve the issue of Pakistan and Israel relationship. It is also apparent that Pakistan is going to get many loans. America has to give loans and many issues of Pakistan can get solved. The policy which America has done for Pakistan is demanding all this.  If this has happened then this is very grievous.

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