Political Markaz - Israel’s aggressive insulting language against Iran

Israel’s aggressive insulting language against Iran

Israel’s aggressive insulting language against Iran

Dec 24,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The friendship with Arabs has made Israel highly insulting. The ex-intelligence chief of Israeli gave this statement that we have killed General Suleimani which means Israel state , army , intelligence were all involved. This is an important topic on how General Suleimani was martyred? Who all were involved in this? Iran caught many in this martyrdom and hanged them. There are Iraqis who are involved in this, both politicians and people of forces. Iran has submitted a document of 300 pages and mentioned the names of people from Iraq involved. There are Lebanese involved. To control, trace such a high-profile General needs a big operational network in which Iranian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Arabs, Israel, America are involved and together they trapped this lion with internal treachery. The Israelis said we had our people with him and telephone records are present. Now they are saying that we have killed him and he said we have killed two important personalities; one Qasim Suleimani and second is Scientist Fakhri Zadeh. The one who fired on him is also from Iranian forces who was caught. This means infiltration and treachery takes place and then they do such attacks. Iranian forces have said that we will take revenge of this death and we have the list to punish everyone. Every other day a serious level person expresses their intention to punish all but at the right time. When the Iranian forces are sitting and fighting in several places they can do it. But Israel in its aggression has gone much ahead and this is due to Arab nations like UAE, Saudi and all Gulf countries who have become friends of Israel.

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