Political Markaz - Israel proposes friendship to Pakistan

Israel proposes friendship to Pakistan

Israel proposes friendship to Pakistan

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There has been more severity seen from India related to Pakistan. India on daily basis is trying to make the Pakistani border insecure. We are giving very little practical replies and more of oral replies only. There are only oral replies that we will do this and do that but have not done anything. This is also a possibility that this fight can enhance because anything in which Israel takes interests gets worst.

One more act which the Israeli Prime Minister did towards the end of his trip was to throw some feeding grains to Pakistan for enticing. Since Pakistan is the only Islamic atomic weapons power this is something prestigious for them. We wish along with the atomic power if Pakistan had strong economy and political power as well it would have a unique position in the world. But since they are weak in economy, politics hence the world does not considers the worth of our atomic weapons as well. Today they have kept the atomic weapons in their views and since Pakistan is insecure they want to take it over.

The Israeli Prime Minister has given a message to Pakistan in the conference in India that we are not enemies of Pakistan and they should also not consider us as enemies. This is a deceptive trap of this Zionist and Pakistan should not get deceived. The Zionists are enemies of Islam, Muslim, Kashmir and Palestine so how can they be friend of Pakistan. How has he sent this message? Our media has not shown any reactions and we should have replied in a severe manner to them. This Zionist who is the enemy of Islam, First Qiblah, Palestine, Muslims gives a message of friendship to Pakistan is an insult to Pakistan. Trump is insulting in one manner and Netanyahu has done this also in another way. They should have given a stern reply to him but they have not done. This is because since before this impression is there in Pakistan that we have no fights with Israel. There are certain religious and secular elements present in Pakistan who do not consider any differences with Israel. Whereas Imam Khomeini (r.a) has said that Israel is a cancer on Islam, First Qiblah, usurper and is the source of disgrace for all Muslims. Israel has become an icon for disgrace of Muslims. Till the day Israel is existing Muslims will be disgraced. That day when Israel gets destroyed Muslims will be able to raise their heads with pride.

If Pakistan does not take any steps against Israel then Israel will definitely take steps against Pakistan along with India. The have their eyes on the atomic weapons of Pakistan and they will never refrain from it. The Zionist are the filthiest and disgraceful beings that everyone hates them even the Europeans hate them and cannot tolerate them. This is the reason they have collected this garbage and dumped them in Palestine. Now they are giving plans to make a new Palestine in Egypt and Jordan. One American authority has said this shameful statement that instead of settling Palestine we should make one new country as Palestine in Egypt and Jordan. They should not be allowed to stay in Palestine. We know Arabs are shameless and today this is just a statement but tomorrow it will become a vision, an action plan which will get implemented. But in Palestine as well there are certain Mujahid’s who have not yet sold the First Qiblah and Palestine.


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