Political Markaz - Israel plans to attack Iran nuclear sites

Israel plans to attack Iran nuclear sites

Israel plans to attack Iran nuclear sites

Oct 22,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Israel and Iran tension is increasing day by day. Israel has become very aggressive and against them Iran is dealing very cautiously. An example of aggressiveness is the recent statement given by Israeli economic minister that a war can start any time. Israel has sieged Iran from borders and made their bases in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Emirates and Bahrain. One thing which Israel has done before the war is to cut off the two arms of Iran, one is Hezbollah and second Hashad us Shabi. They have a satanic policy against both of them. They first created an economic crisis in Lebanon where inflation went up and commodities were not reaching Lebanon. A time came when there was no electricity across entire Lebanon. Then after that Iran gave some fuel to Lebanon’s power plants. Then to keep Hezbollah under pressure, they are about to take court decision hat Hezbollah was after the Beirut blasts. Hezbollah protested and firing took place where many were killed. The 80’s scene looks like is getting repeated in Lebanon. Hezbollah was not there at that time. This way to paralyze Hezbollah they have made this plan inside Lebanon that they cannot think of external intervention. Israel is directing this.

The second work they have done is in Iraq, where the Arabs invested a lot of money in Iraq elections where they defeated all Iran supporting parties. Now these parties have refused to accept the election results and protests have started and Iraqi systems are also getting paralyzed. The Iraqi leadership also wants to get away from Iran. Moqtada Sadr got success in election and Saudi is supporting him. Their slogan was if we win then we will end Hashad us Shabi. Now they have won and he has said that we will disarm Hashad us Shabi. The religious leaderships from before has been of this opinion that ISIS Is better than Iran’s intervention in Iraq. If they indulge these two arms of Iran in internal issues then there is a possibility that Israel will attack Iran at that time. They want to attack nuclear sites of Iran. The Iranians are saying that these are just words and they do not have this much courage to attack us. They have not said we will give a strong reply. Iran has the power to fight for some days with a strong reply. Iran has local ammunitions and missile power hence they cannot be defeated so easily. This is the dangerous situation in Middle East and we pray that Allah should protect everyone from their evils.

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