Political Markaz - Israel infiltrated deep inside Iran through Arab embassies

Israel infiltrated deep inside Iran through Arab embassies

Israel infiltrated deep inside Iran through Arab embassies

Jul 02,2021 Comments Download

By - Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Iran’s ex Intelligence Minister Ali Younis who was the central character at the time of President Khatami has said two days back that Israeli agency Mossad has infiltrated so much inside Iran that not just atomic sites are in danger but even the managers and senior personnel are under threat. This was mentioned by Ahmadinejad first now the Ex- Intelligence chief has said the same. Israel has infiltrated so deep inside Iran in every segment. There were signals of this big danger coming before, whereby the assassinations were taking place, frequent fires on nuclear sites, fire on Iranian vessel. The last Israeli intelligence chief mentioned on how far we have gone inside Iran. He said you ask me about any Tehran Street, organization, people and now the Iranian Intelligence chief has mentioned that our officers’ lives are under threat. This is very dangerous.

Iran is a revolutionary nation and entire world is after them. They have made their defense system very strong and it was impossible for foreign powers to enter inside. But now whatever is happening inside Iran continuously and with such statements coming out is a proof that some crack has developed in the system from where they are entering.

I am making Pakistani nation aware about what is happening inside Iran. The war between Israel and Iran is going on since 40 years. Iran has always been claiming that we will finish Israel and has besieged Israel but now Israel is claiming that we have done so much infiltration. They have now made Embassy in Abu Dhabi, whereas since last 10 years Israel has made UAE as their intelligence HQ. This was the reason that they have removed all Israeli opposition people like Shias, Lebanese and anyone whose name has Ali, Hussain. Now Dubai is the Zionist HQ and no more an Arab land. Joe Biden has assured Israel that we will not allow Iran to become nuclear power. Bin Salman has asked America to support Israel in attacking Iran and America should support them. Biden has assured that will not allow Iran to become an atomic power and this infiltration inside Iran is dangerous.

This is a treachery of Muslims rulers who have stabbed in the back of Palestine and have established relationship with Israel. This infiltration in Iran has happened because of these Arab nations support. All the embassies of Arab nations in Iran are embassies of Israel and Iran should look at them for this perspective. The Gun which was used to kill Fakhrizadeh came through diplomatic route in parts and then it was assembled in Iran. Iran has said that this is automatic gun and it is controlled through Satellite without human intervention. Such destructive and heavy weapon is going inside a country is taking place through the diplomatic channel of all Embassies present in Iran. The Jews are not doing this, it is done through buying Iranians inside these atomic organizations. No one can enter the refinery of Tehran where such a big fire took place. All these dangerous things are being done by Iran through their channels. Pakistan should be alert about this, that if Israel can infiltrate this much inside Iran, then Pakistan is an open state. And when this is being said that relations of Pakistan and Israel is improving, then this is a warning bell. Iran is becoming an atomic power but Pakistan is already an atomic power.

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