Political Markaz - Israel and Hezbollah head on preparation for War

Israel and Hezbollah head on preparation for War

Israel and Hezbollah head on preparation for War

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The situation which is getting formed in Middle East and all other things are also being from one perspective, which is the battle between Israel and Hezbollah. The announcement of this war is made from both sides. Syed Nasrallah has also indicated that this war is certain, will happen and will be decisive. From Israel also there are signals coming that they are also preparing. Both the opponents are weighing each other and looks like this war is hovering over the head. In the current situation Israel is in a defeated state.

In Syria and Iraq America has been defeated. The circumstances which Qatar, Saudi, Emirates and Turkey had created in these two countries, made them insecure, attempted to bring down the regimes. Both Israel and America are considered as defeated, their status has been destroyed and all this has happened due to Iran. Hence severity against Iran has gone on its peak. They also want a decisive battle with Iran.

The problem which they have in fighting Iran is with Hezbollah. Iran is also powerful but this arm of Iran that is Hezbollah is more powerful and they cannot fight with Iran unless Hezbollah is present. They cannot continue their politics in the region with Hezbollah being present and also strong. One more reason for this is that the way Trump did some disgraceful things to declare Jerusalem as the capital and moved his Embassy there.  

One more absurd thing he did was that the Golan Heights which are part of Syria, he declared that this is part of Israel. This was just done by him as a revenge of his defeat and disgrace in Syria. Since I was not successful in bringing down the Bashar Assad regime in Syria, he acted in a womanly manner to declare this. He got beaten up, disgraced in the battled and while escaping someone steals a donkey and runs way that this donkey is mine. He said that the Golan Heights belong to Israel. 

The Israeli PM also after winning the elections has said that we will make colonies on Golan and they will be named as Trump colonies. This disgrace which Israel and Trump faced, and they did these foolish things also has a reason behind this as to why they are panicked. It was not just defeat in Syria, but the other fact is that Hezbollah has made complete preparations to get Golan Heights released from Israel. The plans for this war is ready and there is full preparation, the forces are ready, all the preparatory stages have been completed and they have to just make announcement for the war. 

Golan is such a place where Israel cannot even withstand Hezbollah for thirty minutes. Hence before Hezbollah attacks Golan they want to attack Lebanon. There are two situations now; if they attack Golan then Israel will be destroyed and would be a step towards destruction of Israel if Golan gets out of their hands. They don’t want this to happen, hence they want to proactively take a step to attack Lebanon but they are not getting courage to attack Lebanon. Hezbollah has shown some teeth’s of war to Israel; and now they are not having the courage after seeing the missile system of Hezbollah.

Netanyahu and some Arab nations together are planning all this. If there is war at Golan then also Israel gets destroyed and if Israel attacks Lebanon then also they get destroyed, so in both stations there is destruction for them. They want the situation to not reach war and win without reaching that stage of war.  

The plan they have made to achieve this that through their intelligence network, satellite network and through help of Arabs, Lebanese and their spies they want to target Syed Nasrallah to martyr him. They think that if they martyr Syed they will win this battle. They have experienced this before as there was Syed Abbas Moosavi before Syed Nasrallah, who was a courageous, valorous Syed who was amongst the pioneers of Hezbollah and who started this Jihad. Israel did the same thing when he was travelling in his car with his family, Israel attacked his car with a missile from a helicopter and martyred him with this family.

But after the martyrdom of Syed Abbas Moosavi did Hezbollah end? In fact they became more powerful and firm. At that time Hezbollah was not that strong party and force the way it is today. At that time Israel was not shivering the way they are today. It is not that with this martyrdom this will end. If that martyrdom has strengthened Hezbollah, then though we pray for this safety but the path which he has taken is the path of martyrdom, so if he gets martyred then his martyrdom also will also not become the basis of any defeat and will strengthen further and this is how the effects of martyrdom is. They are thinking that they can evade this war by attacking Syed.

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