Political Markaz - Islamic states accepts existence of Israel in OIC Summit

Islamic states accepts existence of Israel in OIC Summit

Islamic states accepts existence of Israel in OIC Summit

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In global issues what happened last week when the American Satan and their corrupt ruler Trump has taken a disgraceful step by declaring Jerusalem formally as the capital of Israel and he has ordered to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which later he ordered the execution to be delayed for six months. The reaction that was seen against this decision was as expected that is only exchange of words from every group, category. This was a sad reaction we can say. There were only news statements and part time protests; statements of drawing room and only press conferences.

The thing that got manifested and came up in headlines was related to the OIC Summit. OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is a global organization of 57 members of Islamic states made since long. It was created in the 70s when there was the governance of Bhutto. They gathered all Islamic states and had one summit in Lahore as well. The thing that became the basis of formation of this organization was the issue of Palestine. When Israel did more aggression by usurping further lands; and Arabs fought three battles with Israel and lost these battles, ended up giving up some of their lands as well. The Eastern part of Jerusalem (which Muslims call as Baitul Muqaddas) was previously with Muslims under the guardianship of Jordan whereas Western Jerusalem was under captivity of Israel.  The Eastern part which had holy shrines and Masjid Al Aqsa. The United Nations gave this situation a legal status that Eastern Jerusalem is with Jordan and Western remains with Israel. The Masjid Aqsa is in the Eastern part that was with Muslims. Israel in 1967 attacked and captured the Eastern part of Jerusalem as well and made its part. In reaction to this and some other incidents that happened with Israel some big leaders of Islamic states formed this organization at that time. From the time this organization came into existence we cannot see one effective or good step taken for the Muslims. We cannot see any success from OIC or we can say they were successful in resolving some war between two countries and solve their problems; or they have taken some steps for development of Islamic states; or some steps of pressurizing Western nations; or they have raised any voice in UN for Muslims. This was just a useless structure that was made and they do this Summit every year. In the past they had some discussions which used to come in news but now they have become so useless that no one even sees their name.

The current step which Trump has taken to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem; in reaction to this a Summit of OIC members was done in Turkey. Turkey is the head of OIC and this leadership keeps on moving over few years and at the present Turkey is the head. This summit took place under the chairmanship of Erdogan in Turkey. It would have been good if this summit would not have taken place because the message which this Summit has given is very painful. First of all there are 57 members of OIC and only the heads of 22 states attended like from Pakistan the Foreign minister went and from Iran the President attended. The Arab nations have demonstrated the peak of disgrace and absence of self-respect in this summit. The Arab rulers were as such disgraceful but the humiliation which they are showing now was not that much before. Palestine became Israel due to the disgrace and lack of self-respect of Arab rulers. It was their lack of self-honor that the first Qiblah of Muslims went in the hands of Israel and it is due to Arab ruler’s lack of zeal, shamelessness that Israel was able to occupy part of Egypt, Jordan, Beirut and Syria. This is the height of shamelessness but in the current situation the humiliation was the worst. Some heads of Arab states attended this but only to make this summit a failure. The head of states of some countries and representatives, Ministers of foreign affairs of some others attended this summit but without any results they came out. They just ate good food there and returned back. They did a formality by issuing a response statement because Trump has done an aggression so we have also given a reply by issues a statement. They signed a resolution at the end of the summit and in which they mentioned that Jerusalem should be considered as the capital of Palestine. This is dubious statement they issued and not direct that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

Trump at this stage has taken a step to declare Jerusalem the capital of Palestine and this was the best opportunity for Trump. Some journalists and political analysts are saying that it was not the appropriate time for Trump to do this and this was a foolishness he did. It is not true and in fact it was the most appropriate time when he took this step for his benefits. He has taken this step when the Arabs are falling in the deepest pit of disgrace and in order to preserve their illegitimate power, authority are dependent on America and submitted to America. This is a fact that if America leaves them on their own for some time they will get destroyed. Obama at the end of his tenure said that we are spending a lot on preserving the Arabs and we will not do this anymore. Trump also in the beginning of his Presidency told them that we will not take the burden of protecting Arabs and they should spend and make their own arrangements. They used to say that Arabs are a burden on us but Trump transformed this into a beneficial deal and even said that Saudi Arab is a big fat milking cow for us then why should we not milk it. He converted this burden into a means of income. He acquired billions from these Arabs and against that he gave protection to their illegitimate power. This illegitimate power which they had would get destroyed by their own people, or with their involvement in regional conflicts or the conflicts between their own royal family members. At the end the time for their destruction has come and America has become their last support.

In this situation Trump has done two big things. Those who want to preserve their false, illegitimate power are generally very weak. Like one thing which you listen very often these days that some people make illegal pictures, films of certain personalities in vulgar scenes and then they blackmail them to pay ransom else we will publish these films and defame you across the world. These corrupt persons then do other crimes to pay the ransom to these blackmailers and avoid these films of theirs to be not published and shown to others. At times these blackmailers take money and as well publish their pictures also; thus humiliate them as well. Trump has adopted the same policy with Arabs. Since these Arabs are corrupt, indecent and whatever America could not do in the past they have come in that position to do all those things due to the disgrace, shamelessness and foolishness of Arab.

And amongst these things one big thing was to get the acceptance of Israel which was a big challenge in the last century which now has become possible for them. America had put all efforts to get Israel accepted by the entire world, the Muslim world and Arabs but it was not possible for them. On the other hand there was a plan by some Muslim states leaders that not just we will not accept the existence of Israel but instead Israel should annihilate. This was the formula of Imam Khomeini (r.a) that Israel should get annihilated. Imam (r.a) said “Israel at any cost should get annihilated from this world of existence”. This was the same thing mentioned by the Supreme Leader and his followers. This is one thought and on the other hand the thinking of America is to get Israel universally accepted by everyone in the world. Israel is still a victim of this factor even in the United Nations that their existence is not accepted by everyone. There are many nations who do not accept Israel and they don’t have any diplomatic relations with Israel. A state which has no acceptance by several countries in the world goes through a lot of difficulties in various areas like trading, travel and many other things. Israel was a victim of isolation and it was America, European Union that gave the support to Israel. America’s plan was to get Israel out of this isolation bring them in the same of rank of other nations. From here Imam (r.a) had this statement that Israel has to be annihilated. America tried for one century to get Israel accepted in the world like any other country but was not successful. Today they have come near to that success due to the shamelessness of Arabs; that too especially from Ale Saud, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. They are most abased, lowly nations of the world. It is because of these disgraceful states that Trump has declared that Israel’s capital should move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because he can see this becoming practical now.

America always had the fear that the day they take this step a very strong reaction from the Muslim world will get developed against them. That reaction would be harmful for both America and Israel. But what has happened proves that Trump’s policy was correct now because there was no reaction or whatever reaction was seen (this OIC) was in fact to stop this strong reaction. The pressure which was expected to be formed from the Muslim nations and atmosphere that was expected to be created was leaked with this type of reaction specifically demonstrated in the OIC summit. Instead of an Islamic aggression starting against Israel and America they called for a summit in Turkey where they sat as a formality issuing some statements and then left for home. Everywhere in the news the head of Islamic states met for this summit where they condemned America, Israel and only issued a statement in favor of Palestine. They condemned America, Israel and supported Palestine. They did not take any practical step; no country disconnected diplomatic relationships with America; no one summoned the American ambassadors; no one pondered over the trade relationship with America. These countries who gathered in this summit there are many who have relationship with Israel and have Israel Consulates in their countries like Turkey. You can see the hypocrisy of Turkey that it is calling for a conference against the decision of Trump and it is that Islamic country which formally has Israel Embassy in Turkey. Similarly Egypt and Jordan have relationship with Israel. They as such fools and insane.

Erdogan is an astonishing trickster and deceptive person. In this week only you can refer to news agencies when he is calling for an OIC summit at the same time he has a done big trade contract with Israel. On one side the head of Islamic states gathered in Turkey for this summit to condemn Israel and at the same Turkish delegation went to Israel to carry out a trade pact which they did for billions of dollars. Saudi Arab, Qatar have proper relationship with Israel which is not just formally announced but the delegations from both sides visit each other. Last week the Israeli Army commander in chief issued this statement that when it comes to animosity with Iran; both Israel and Saudi Arab are one and we will jointly confront Iran. This week the Israeli Minister of Intelligence formally invited the Saudi commander to visit Israel and he also said the Saudi should invite the Israeli commander and this will happen. When Arabs and Mohammed bin Salman are ready for every disgraceful thing then America is acquiring the charges for their support. This is the cost which they have to pay for the support from America. Egypt, Saudi Arab and GCC countries were taken into confidence before doing this. He had full expectation that no reaction will come. This is the state of rulers who went to the summit just for exchange of some words.

Iran is the only nation who is against Israel with severity. In this conference the head of Islamic states did one filthier thing. They made the resolution in such a way that they formally accepted the existence of Israel in this summit in Istanbul. They gathered in Istanbul in favor of Palestine, to condemn Israel and instead of supporting Palestine they accepted the existence of Israel. The way did was that they wrote in the resolution that Eastern Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine and Western Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel. They accepted the Israeli state in Istanbul. Till date there is no Israeli embassy in Pakistan and many other countries; though behind the veil there are relationships but on the outward there is nothing. This is the ground that is being prepared now for global acceptance of Israel. The result that will come out will be that one part of Jerusalem rights will be given to Muslims, that is Palestine and all other parts will be handed over to Israel. The Muslims will be get contented and Europe, America, Arab states and Israel will also be satisfied with this.

The actual thing which happened was when Trump returned to America after visiting Saudi Arabia. He addressed American public and said that you have wasted American money in last ten years in Afghanistan, Syria and Arab nations by sending your forces there. You have destroyed the public tax wealth by spending them in these countries. He even presented the figures on how much was spent by America in these occupations and battles in Middle East. This was his first visit after becoming the President in which he visited three countries. He first came to Saudi Arabia, then he went to Israel and then Vatican City. One was the center of Muslims, one of Jews and one of Christians. This was the first Presidential visit which he did to these places which we can say that places of sanctities. One has Jerusalem which is sacred for all divine religions; the Vatican City is sacred place for Catholics and Saudi Arabia has Mecca, Medina which are sacred for Muslims; and Trump visited these three countries. This was the beginning of this global politics and it was a highly meaningful journey for him. He decided everything in this trip as to what is to be done with Iran, in other states; what is to be done with Qatar. He returned back and delivered this speech that you have done so much loss in ten years and I have got these many billions of dollars in one night from this cow. Do you have any example before that any America President has earned this much from anywhere overnight? He took full advantage of the disgracefulness of Arabs. There were fifty nations gathered there and Iran was not there in that visit. In Istanbul Iran also went.

When the delegation of Iran returned back they issued a statement as to what astonishing thing happened there. At times diplomats do not realize in such gatherings as to what they have said and what all they have accepted and what they have rejected. There is a hot environment there and then later the think tanks discuss and analyze as to what they have written and signed. The same happened that later they realized that they have accidentally accepted the existence of Israel. Iran then openly announced that we are not in agreement with the resolution of Istanbul conference. The President of Iran signed it but later the Ministry of Foreign affairs said that you have done something wrong; you had gone there to deny this but eventually you accepted them. This treachery was also done during this conference. While doing the support of Palestine you ended up accepting Israel. This was another big benefit which Trump gained out of this. Trump disgraced the Arabs, as well divided them, looted their wealth and the biggest sacrilege did was that he imposed Israel on them. This was a big oppressive act that took place in this summit. 

If you can see that in the entire world there has been only transfer of words, statement and no practical steps were taken except for few missiles which Hamas launched on Israel. Apart from this no practical steps were taken; only protests were done after Friday prayers; they broadcasted these protests on Friday and then closed the chapter of Palestine. Some leaders issue such statements as well that we have solved all the problems. There were no reactions from the masses as well apart from this routine activity of doing protests to record their some activities. Hamas has announced for a third Intifada which is an armed uprising starting against Israel.

One more conspiracy that is being cooked up is a new encounter they are about to start in Middle East. One high possibility is that they will start this in Lebanon whereby Israel will attack Lebanon that is Hezbollah; then Iran will enter in this battle to defend Hezbollah and this way they besiege Iran inside Lebanon. The other possibility is that they are gathering evidences and finding reasons to attack Iran. In other words they are trying to find refuge in a new battle. Till the time a new battle starts in Middle East the Arabs are not certain about their survival. They are thinking that they will be eradicated and only a new encounter can give them survival. In last week the new Arab NATO which was formed by Mohammed bin Salman where 43 countries are member and the Pakistan General is their chief; they had a conference. In this conference they said that Iran and Hezbollah are two big threats and we have to encounter them. They are preparing on one side and on other hand America is creating a global front against Iran to prove insecurity from Iran through their missiles, and Iran spreading insecurity in the region, Iran is interfering in the region, Iraq and supporting Hezbollah. They are trying to find all these excuses but there are no effects of this seen yet. Whatever spider games Mohammed bin Salman has made eventually he himself got trapped into it. He demanded resignation from Lebanese Prime Minister, Hariri and he gave that but after returning to Lebanon he denied that; I am not resigning and this was a fraud with me. Whatever this fool has weaved he himself got entangled in it but he is inflicting damages on the region with severity.

The most dreadful thing in this entire saga is the silence of the entire Muslim Ummah as if they are not related with it. This is because all rulers are only after their own interests. Erdogan took the maximum benefit out of this. He was the cleverest one in this summit. He called this summit of 57 Islamic nations and took it for his own benefit. After the issue of coup in turkey and the panic that he created there was anxiety and doubt about Turkey at a global level. Since EU has completely isolated and they will be out from NATO, with America also it has conflicts. In the region also Turkey is defamed for supporting terrorists. It is also ashamed for supporting Kurds. In Iraq also he is defamed for interference. From all sides Turkey was a victim of isolation and there was anxiety about them. He called 57 countries and took protection under this problem and this was really his cleverness. This is something which everyone does who take advantage from issues. Like there are some organizations who are free and not doing anything, they just wait for some bomb blast to happen, some bodies to fall then they immediately jump on the corpses. For them the corpses are very expensive. A believer till the time who was alive was worthless and during his life if he would come to meet them, they would not meet but the same when he dies he becomes very expensive. This corpse gives them big benefits. Erdogan did the same thing from the wound that America has inflicted on Palestine. He cashed this to his favor. He called all the Islamic states and gave sharp statements like others.

Iran has a clear policy about Israel that it should be annihilated. The Supreme Leader regularly mentions this that Israel should be completed eliminated, destroyed and not that it should be only isolated and become weak. The Leader has said this also that in twenty five years this will happen. But the Iranian President has given a diplomatic statement. In the past the Iranian President’s visiting international conference would give blunt statement that Israel should be eliminated. But this current president did not say that. At present the most revolutionary, fiery speech was of Erdogan. He was the only person who said Israel is tyrant and rest all others used diplomatic language. The Iranian President sat like a diplomat and as such he has given the name of his politics also as balanced politics. But the Supreme Leader has a clear policy that Israel has to be annihilated.

At present there are two clear policies about Israel; one is that Israel should be completely annihilated and other policy is to get Israel accepted. Imam Khomeini (r.a) declared the Qod’s day as international day against Israel but the Muslims did not participate in it. There is one small possibility being presented now that due to this stupid step of Trump there will be some militancy actions. There are many armed militancy groups in many Muslim countries and they are expressing this concern that the direction of these groups would turn towards Israel. But this will not happen because the philosophy behind creation of such groups is not Israel. This is because those who made these armed groups till date have not taken steps or even issued any statement against Israel. These armed groups were made to confront Shias; they consider Shias as the biggest threat in the world. Shias are not acceptable to Arabs as well America and all these armed groups were made against Shias and they will not stand against Israel. There is only one Shia armed group that is ready for everything to be done against Israel and rest all other groups are ready against Shias. Hence it is not possible that these groups will stand against Israel. When there are battles going on in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan is disturbed and in this situation Trump taking this step which would turn the face of all these conflicts towards America and Israel seems a big foolishness. Trump has assured and is contented that this will not happen because they have made these groups themselves. Trump has openly mentioned in his Presidency campaign speeches and even after elections that ISIS was made by Obama and Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton was the Foreign Minister of Obama and she has written in her book that we have made ISIS. It was the need and hence we did this. Those groups which is made by America and Arab wealth will never fight against Israel. In Syria there are dangerous armed groups present but they have not even fired a blind bullet on Israel. The forces that are prepared for confronting Shias will not take a single step towards Israel. The promise of Allah that Israel will get annihilated will be fulfilled and this honor, prestige will be given by Allah to the standard bearer of Islam and they are Shias who will be honored with this. The way before the fortress of Jews was ruined by the Imam of Shias and this era fortress of Jews will also get destroyed by the followers of Ali (a.s) God willing. This will not get destroyed by Arab and followers of Trump.


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