Political Markaz - IRGC declared terrorists – Cost of Resistance lesser than cost of compromise

IRGC declared terrorists – Cost of Resistance lesser than cost of compromise

IRGC declared terrorists – Cost of Resistance lesser than cost of compromise

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One more important topic which I wanted to discuss more today about this. America has formally declared the Iranian force of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (SEPAH E PASDARAN) as a terrorist organization and imposed sanctions on it. In reply the security council of Iran, which has all the armed forces under them like Army, Police has also formally declared the American forces and specifically that wing of American force which is placed in Middle East as terrorist. The way America has declared this by their law, same has been done by Iran Security Council. This does not mean that this was just a statement of condemnation. What this implies is that from now both these forces will act in accordance with the laws of terrorism against each other.

If America has said SEPAH is terrorist, then they will deal with them accordingly. Iran has also replied tit for tat. Iran has not shown any fear, weakness and responded that American forces are terrorists. This means if we see American forces anywhere, we will not consider you as American force but as terrorists and our behavior will be same as dealing with terrorists. 

There are various dimensions of this action and we need to pay attention to this. This step which America has taken is the new phase of the Iran America war. It is part of the same war and not something done in isolation. It is part of the same war which started from the advent of Islamic revolution, which increased and became severe. For a particular time period Iran was not in an offensive position to be aggressive aginst America as they were always in defending position.

The aggression was always from America; sometimes through Saddam, through some other tactics. But gradually  Iran and Revolution became strong, stood on their feet, rise aginst them and this revolution has come out of that defensive state and is now in aggressive position. It is not that Iran is just defending itself; they are attacking American interests inside Iraq, Syria and Yemen. They have endangered American interests in Middle East and even they have gone beyond this to Venezuela to threaten American interests. This is one dimension of this war; that Iran was in defensive state and now they have come out in offensive state.

Now America along with their allies are in defensive state. Their one objective is to somehow get Iran disconnected from Arab countries. They threatened, applied sanctions but still are not successful yet. Similarly they made forces against Iran in the region, but were not successful. Any step they took, they got further disgraced.  

In this Hezbollah has a big role. The investment which Iran did in the Arab region was establishment of Hezbollah. They are a very powerful force to the extent that they cannot be defeated. We can even say that Iran has not strengthened their own force to the extent they have made their shoulder of Hezbollah powerful. Israel a deadly monster who is used to usurp lands, who defeated a big powerful force like Egypt, they cut off half Jordan; they have taken over part of Syria and Beirut; and today the same Israel in their own land is shivering. 

This is the success of Hezbollah whose secret is Iran. Due to this Iran has transformed into an aggressive offensive state. These steps of Iran is disgrace for Trump and America. When you are showing your power across the world, you have made Arabs kiss your boots, big powerful nations are running after you and amongst this one country stands up and stares in your eyes. You enter Syria and they kick you out in disgraceful manner and all your capital got blown off. You entered Iraq and they kicked you from there. You enter Yemen, where all countries are attacking them since years but you cannot overcome them. This means it is a big disgrace for these nations of Arabs, West, Israel and more of America. When someone gets disgraced, then in panic they do such kind of lowly acts. This is the state on Trump and he has done this in panic state to impose such sanctions. 

The way Supreme Leader has mentioned several times in his sermons, that this was a weakness which got developed in the Iranian politics which should not have happened but unfortunately President Roohani created this weakness. He made a nuclear deal with West and then America breached and came out of the deal. Then Iran had to suffer a lot due to this. They have stopped their Atomic plants and the deal also became void. The Iranian came under pressure because the weapon of economic sanctions became effective which happened due to weakness of certain elements inside Iran and certain signals were sent out from inside Iran.

he Iranians are good in fighting, are warriors, and revolutionaries and are not ready to submit to anyone. But if economic sanctions are imposed on them, then America was able to bend them down one step by making Iran stop their nuclear activities. America got encouragement from this that they can achieve their goals. Last year in November Trump has announced this would be the last month of revolution but he was not successful. Now his entire efforts is to keep on increasing sanctions; due to which the ordinary life of people will become difficult and people will themselves rise against the government. But this strategy also failed. There is high degree inflation in the country but still people did not come out against government which gave a blow to America. 

Now Trump adopted a psychological tactic by applying sanctions on IRGC. There were already restrictions, sanctions on IRGC from much before and not that this has just happened. If we say that all sanctions are on IRGC then this won’t be wrong. This is a revolutionary visionary force hence America is against them. What would be the effect of these sanctions? It would be the same which has been before. 

The second wisdom about this step is to put some pressure inside Iran. They have imposed sanctions on IRGC so that issues can develop between Iran government and IRGC. They will put international pressure and on Iranian government to take steps against terrorism which means to take steps against IRGC. Certain members of Parliament have done a good demonstration. Those who are considered as liberal, the party of Khatami, they have put on the dress of IRGC and have announced that we are all IRGC. It is impossible for the government to stand against IRGC. 

The planning of Supreme Leader is such that he has taken the nation out of all crisis and this time also he will steer them out. There is a formula of Supreme Leader which he got from Imam Khomeini (r.a) and we need that formula as well. That formula would be much more effective for Pakistan then for Iran. I will mention that Farsi statement which Rahbar delivered to the Iranian government, people and forces. He said at present we are under pressure to compromise.

One path is that we should submit to the enemies and do what they want us to do. The other path in front of us is that of Moqawamat (resistance) whereby we continue on this path of Resistance and fight with them or compromise. In Persian comprise is termed as “Saazish”. The Supreme Leader said “Hazina e Moqawamat Kamtar Az Hazina e Saazish Ast”. 

The cost of resistance is less than the cost of compromise. If we stand firm against enemy, show stability, rise then the losses we have to bear would be less, but if compromise, submit in front of enemy then the cost will be much high. The cost of fighting against enemy is lesser then the cost of submission to enemy. These secrets are known only to leaders of such caliber. We should also tell our U Turn leaders that they should read this statement and pay attention to this. May be some journalist should go and explain this to them. People say that we should submit to America else we have to suffer a lot.

The Leader says by compromising, succumbing to America will give us more loss as compared to the losses suffered in confronting America. This is the formula for the entire world and at present Iran by living under crisis has gained a lot of experience and has been cooked up. The forces of Iran are not inexperienced; they are experts and have the experience of all type of issues. Similarly the leadership of revolution is also well trained, experienced and has passed through all crisis. There is a proverb in Persian, that the wolf which gets over autumn when there are no targets for hunting; there is snow, raining and generally wolves die in this season. If a wolf passes over autumn then that wolf is very powerful.

Iran is not in crisis for the first time; from the first day of revolution has been under crisis. A country who has been under storms of crisis, who knows how to get over the crisis, they are not afraid of crisis, for them such sanctions are not difficult. 

Our leaders should learn this, and someone should teach this to them. If Qaid-e-Azam would have submitted and not resisted then the losses would have been much more. If you submit then you lose dignity, honor, community, ideology, vision and everything gets lost. In Pakistan all inflation is going on the instructions of IMF. They ask them to raise prices of fuel, meat, food and the government is doing it. One new policy coming up is that pensions are cut off. The retirement age will be now 55 and not 60, and there won’t’ be any pensions also given to them. What will they do in retirement after 55 yrs without pension? These are the government schemes because they are asking us to do. We should turn this around and do the opposite of what they say. This is because the formula is that the loss of resistance is lesser than the losses of compromise.

IMF and three international financial organizations have said that the upcoming two years in Pakistan will be under big economy losses and the economy will go to a very low level. They are singing songs of bankruptcy and the international institutes are telling that their economy will go down. So why are these two together saying the same thing? IMF, Asian Bank, World Bank within one week have said the same thing and in the same week the Minster of Treasury has also said this. This means there is something inside.

 What will happen is that after inflation goes on peak, bankruptcy will happen and then in two years, when the economy is totally destroyed they will say that bankrupt countries are not given loans, instead they are purchased. They will buy all the community assets against the interest which is unpaid. They will not pay any loan, they will seize all your assets against the interest due and leave you in a state of misery. Before this happens adopt the formula of Supreme Leader that to confront, resist them will have less loss as compared to the loss of submitting to them. The Pakistani community is not less powerful as compared to others. They can resist and do this. You have kept them under such hardships and they are bearing it; so if you resist they will bear it more. If you make them suffer hardships with dignity then they will realize also that they are being rewarded for the hardships.  

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