Political Markaz - Iraq becoming Anti Iran and Pro Saudi

Iraq becoming Anti Iran and Pro Saudi

Iraq becoming Anti Iran and Pro Saudi

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In Iraq there was political crisis already after the elections, but they were not decisive. All the parties got nearly similar votes. They could not make an alliance government as well as alone. This crisis is on Iraq since long. During these days the crisis has taken a new shape, whereby protests have started in Iraq. It started from Basra and have reached central Iraq and Najaf. The majority of the protests are taking place in Shia areas. These protests are happening because the people are not getting electricity, their basic needs and this is the excuse they are making. This is the reason that Basra which is the second largest city of Iraq, and a Shia city where these protests started and some lives were also lost.

These protests started with a planning and were not normal where people do this naturally. This is because Iraqi’s have been suffering since forty years with poverty. When Saddam was there, people visiting on pilgrimage have seen that the fundamental needs of people were not getting fulfilled. It was to this extent that the Iraqi women used to present themselves to visitors to take them from Iraq in whatever context. To this extent there was pressure due to starvation. After the end of Saddam this atmosphere changed and some betterment took place but not to the extent. That destruction is still there which happened after Iran, Iraq war and then American invasion. America has recovered all the expenses which they incurred on attacking Iraq from Iraq itself by selling their oil and other sources. The historical heritage of Iraq, which was the center of Babel civilization which was all looted by America and was worth billions of dollars. There is also an intervention of Iraqi religious and political leaders and they have moved these assets of Iraq so that they can fulfill their own needs. America has looted the cultural heritage of Iraq more than the oil. There are certain things which can be seen in Western auctions and the prices are astonishing.

There is a political planning behind these protests. In Iraq before the elections the protests have started and those protests were without any title. In those protests the slogans were of Arabism and anti-Iran. These were before the elections. In elections Saudi has invested a lot to make Shias win the elections. They have made the Shias win from Sunni areas. The elections have become very complex and looks like there might be re-elections. This way such a crisis is created in Iraq for the same purpose for which the protests started before elections. In these elections and also in these protests, there is a big dependency of Iraqi people on Iranian goods. Since there is Iran border at Iraq there is a lot of goods which Iran is exporting to Iraq. Iran is the energy producing nation and Pakistan is not having any big source of energy and on the border of Pakistan there are gas and oil lines which Pakistan can buy but due to Saudi Arabia and other political reasons this is not happening. The Pakistani economy can grow a lot if Pakistan allies with Iran for economics. It can be more than China. China is a manufacturing entity whereas Iran is a raw material producer. The major benefit for a nation is to take raw material from somewhere and then enhance its additional value on the raw material. Like cotton is produced in Pakistan and this value of cotton goes up by making threads and clothes. Energy is like this only; China purchases raw energy from Industrial nations like China. The raw material is with some nations and industrial nations are different. The rich nations are not those with raw material, they are those with industries now like Europe and China. Pakistan can do this by taking raw material from Iran and by enhancing its value they can sell to nearby nations. This can give a big support to Pakistan. Pakistan is taking support from Saudi Arabia but not industrial or economic support. Saudi supports Mafia, terrorists and other lobbies for their benefits.

Iraq and Turkey is taking this benefit. Turkey has shown cleverness that they have made a Gas contract with Iran and as a result of some penalties on Iran, Iran had to supply gas free for three years to Turkey and Turkey has been selling this gas to Europe. But Pakistan is not doing this; they could have taken Gas and other things from Iran which is a big country and this would have been a big benefit for Pakistan. But there is no decision over here that can be taken in the interests of Pakistan. But Iraqi’s are taking big advantage from Iran. Their agriculture needs, food products, textiles all go from Iran. Above all this Iran gave electricity to Iraq. At present there are restrictions on Iran and there are droughts in Iran as well and there is water crisis in Iran and other nations also. The United Nations have warned certain countries which includes Pakistan and Iran; if they do not make arrangements for water then in future they might not even have water for drinking. Like Turkey has made the arrangement by building a dam over Tigris and Euphrates and has stopped the water coming from Iraq. In Iraq all the electricity production is from oil and since infrastructure has been ruined Iraq was buying electricity from Iran and with the crisis in Iran they have stopped electricity supply to Iraq. Since in Iran there is a shortfall of electricity, they stopped the electricity going to Iraq.

Saudi took advantage of this and sent their minister to Iraq and made an electricity supply deal. On one hand there is already strong opposition and condemnation of Iran inside Iraq; which is primarily from Shias. It is not that Sunnis want Iran to not interfere. The more powerful groups which do not want Iran to interfere are the Shia groups. They are ones who have created this chaos and behind this protest also it is the same motive to demonstrate opposition to Iran. Why are they protesting? There is no electricity in Basra. If there is no electricity then raise your slogan against your government, but their slogans are political and against Iran. This is because they want to create a big front against Iran. In the past the doors were closed with Iran due to the war; but after this foolishness of ISIS Iran got an opportunity to enter inside Iraq. They did not wanted this threat and they said also that ISIS was better than Iran. One American officer has predicted that ISIS will again enter Iraq. This is because the only opponent to ISIS is Iran. When Iran went to Syria they defeated ISIS, and in Iraq they defeated ISIS. They want to reduce the effect of Iran in Iraq and are using all cards. With the doors closing on Iran they are opening doors on Saudi. This is the situation in Iraq, whereby the government is not getting formed, the protests are happening which are also political in nature. The situation is Iraq is highly disturbing and the mistake they did before resulted into big losses and it should not happen that this mistake again moves into that direction.

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