Political Markaz - Iranian President non revolutionary speech and visit to India

Iranian President non revolutionary speech and visit to India

Iranian President non revolutionary speech and visit to India

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The Iranian President has went to India and they have better relationship with India as compared to Pakistan. Since Pakistan is under Arab influence and one effect of this influence is that one good neighbor of Pakistan that is Iran; they don’t have any trade or diplomatic relationship. In the past these two countries had good relationship which has ended now and in fact they are voting against each other as well. India has taken full advantage of this situation which Saudi Arabia has created. This is because Iran is also under pressure but still after the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister an immediate visit of Iranian President is being done and it would have been good if this visit was not done so quickly. Even a month has not passed for the six days visit of Israeli Prime Minister and immediately the Iranian President has come. At a diplomatic level there is no harm in such visits but from the political strategic perspective these visits carry a deep meaning. Pakistan is getting near to China and India is trying to cut all relationships which are necessary for Pakistan. Like Pakistan has good relationship with Turkey but there is a strong possibility in near future India might intervene with Turkey and disturb this relationship. The Indian Prime Minister has openly said that we will isolate Pakistan at an international level which means there will not be any friend of Pakistan at an international level.

The Iranian president has done a very strange thing that on 11th Feb which was the 39th anniversary year of Islamic Revolution and this revolution has entered its fortieth year. On this day there was a prestigious public procession in Tehran in which millions attended and this year it was unique in Tehran and all over Iran. The participation was extraordinary this year as compared to previous year’s processions. In this procession the Iranian President delivered a speech and this speech which was on the day of Islamic Revolution he did not deliver a revolutionary speech. Instead he touched on those issues which were not suited for the occasion. There were millions of people who came out in this procession as compared to previous years and the entire world has seen the pictures as well. He addressed the same crowd and gave this impression in his speech that in Iran the support for revolution at people’s level is reducing and people are not with government and revolutionary; and under this situation there should be public referendum. This is not worthy to speak for a person at this position who is the President of a revolutionary state. There has been reaction also on this speech in Iran but not that much.

It was the first time that on the day of revolution anniversary there was no revolutionary speech done. It is a norm that the President delivers the speech in this procession. In previous years his speeches were somewhat revolutionary type but this year on the day of revolution; the person who is in a authority position of a revolutionary state speaking like this are giving some signals. Since last few months some disturbances have been done at a very small scale where very few persons came out in protests against price inflation, unemployment and then some anti-government groups also participated with them which were supported by foreign elements like Saudi Arabia who propagated this through international media. They had a lot of hopes that some rebellion will start against the revolution. But they got despaired as this was not a rebellion at all it was just an instigation by foreign powers. 

In this situation now when millions have come out in support of the system and revolution; and standing amongst these supporters of revolution issuing such a weak statement is very painful for all revolutionaries inside and outside. These are the difficulties of the revolution that the chief responsible person is doing like this. The Iranian president’s problem is that he considers himself as a moderate, balanced, unconcerned person who wants to become a favorite person for America, West and Europe. America and other European states declares other Iranian personalities like Supreme Leader as extremist and America considers Roohani as a different, moderate person and to make room in their hearts he is doing like this.

In any case there is a lot of pressure on the Islamic revolution both from inside and outside and till now the revolutionary leadership has borne this pressure and has managed these situations very well. This is also not a big threat but this kind of act has been done by the President. Few months back in a wrestling competition where the Iranian finalist had to fight with Israeli wrestler. The Iranian wrestler was in winning spree and would have won this competition by fighting Israeli wrestler and would have got gold medal. For a sportsman a gold medal in world championship is a big achievement which they get once in life for such performance. When he was about to win this fight in the last moment his coach asked him to lose the battle because if you win this fight then the next final fight would be with the Israeli wrestler. Hence you should intentionally loose so that you don’t have to fight with the Israeli wrestler as our self-respect and zeal does not permit us to play with the usurpers of Qod’s, murderer of Palestinians, a satanic cancer even in international competition. The wrestlers are not ideological or scholars, and they have only made their bodies to fight in competition but for this reason he lost the fight. Like in your country this cricketer who has come inside politics does not know how to do politics, he only thinks of bat and ball, he does not even know how to issue a statement. He was just a celebrity popular in people and they got him from there to make him the leader of the country.  He does not even know how to marry and how to divorce. The sportsman are sportsman only and they should be only for sports and community, politics should not be handed over them. This Iranian wrestler despite of being a sportsman had that much religious zeal inside him that he lost the fight for not fighting with Israeli wrestler. He came in a prestigious manner and the Supreme leader appreciated him that despite of losing you have become a historic champion. In order to not even come in front of Israel in a game you gave away your championship. At least this zeal, self-respect should be present in all which is present in a wrestler who understands that Israel is a usurper state and both India, Israel have dirty plans for Muslims. India and Israel have different intentions for Muslims. The entire region is surrounded by a dirty politics. Indian is on aggression, Pakistan is indulged in internal issues and the situation that is coming out from this is not good.  May Allah give insights to all and may Islamic nations establish relationships with each other.

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