Political Markaz - Iran Sanctions policy of America getting applied on Pakistan

Iran Sanctions policy of America getting applied on Pakistan

Iran Sanctions policy of America getting applied on Pakistan

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One act which happened in Iran from which West and America got motivation was a weapon that was used on Iran and was found to be very successful. America understood this weapon very late as first they were making destructive weapons for Iran like explosive weapons, fighter jets but they were not effective and no nation was afraid of that. One weapon which was there with America since long but they used it too late and that is the weapon of sanctions and restrictions with which they overcome several nations like Iran, Libya and now it is the turn of Pakistan.  Trump on the outward is taking about war but the actual weapon he using is of sanctions. He has nothing to do; he sits in his office every day and asks his advisors on whom should we put new sanctions today. Whatever name they say he puts sanctions on them. Now there are sanctions on Hezbollah, those who have relationship with Hezbollah are under sanctions, there are sanctions on Iran; sanctions on Pakistani personalities, some business man and this way by increasing the sanctions he will put sanctions on trading with Pakistan, do not allow their flights to land, our flights to fly over, do not give facilities to Pakistan and this way by keeping on increasing the sanctions they paralyze a nation. This is their new weapons which was experienced by Obama. Bush used weapons and what Bush could not do with war Obama did that successfully with sanctions. Obama applied severest economic sanctions on Iran and Iran got entrapped in those sanctions and got paralyzed. The Iranians got ready for negotiations and everyone is now regretting on these negotiations as they did not get any benefit from this deal. No banks are still working with them, no country is openly doing trade with them. Trump has already said that we are stepping out of this agreement and Iran has also said that there will be no point for us to stay back in the agreement. The Iranian deputy Foreign Minister has said that we got no benefits from the sanctions relief agreement.

From these sanctions America has got encouragement that we can make all powers bend with this tool of sanctions and now they are even putting restrictions on Russia. There has been cold war for a centurywith Russia and they have spent billions on this cold war. They now realized it was useless to send spies and do other things in cold war whereby the results could have been easily achieved without any cost. Hence they are imposing sanctions on Russia, China and at present Trump is only after imposing sanctions. Such countries cannot come to our country, you cannot sell anything to these nations. In the short term these are harmful for the nations on which sanctions are imposed but in the long term this is dangerous for America itself. America is a nation whose economy is dependent on exporting various things, specifically technological goods that they produce. A bank is made so that people can keep money. If a foolish person like Trump makes a bank and then put sanctions that Lahore, Faisalabad cannot open account in this bank and only small towns and villages can open. Where will this bank go then? It will get ruined. Your bank is dependent on big traders of Lahore, Faisalabad, industrialists opening accounts in this bank. Will you run bank with people from villages? If you put sanctions on developing countries that need your technology then what will be left behind, only Saudi, Emirates, Qatar who don’t have sanctions.  These nations only need you chocolates and not your technology. In the long term there will be repercussions on America and America will be destroyed but in the short term these sanctioned nations will suffer like Iran is under extreme pressure and has it effects.

As I said before that on the day of revolution anniversary during the procession President Roohani on the revolution day delivered a non revolutionary speech and this is the effect of the atmosphere that is created in the country.

The Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) has given a very important statement that after the Islamic revolution we made utmost efforts to establish Social Justice. This Social Justice is a specific terminology of Sociology and Economy. This means that all people of the nation should have equal shares in the produce and capital of the country. The assets, produce, capital of the nation should be shared equally amongst everyone and it should not happen that one group loots everything and others remain deprived. It should not happen that people remain deprived but the politicians, traders and capitalists increase their capital. In every nation where Capitalists systems are present this happens where one group captures the entire capital and others are deprived. If everyone gets the right share then a just society comes into existence. The Supreme Leader said that we made all attempts and instructed to all new governments that were formed to establish social justice. Justice means that all national means should be equally distributed which means every Iranian should have house, car, employment, educational facilities, and medications and it is the rights of every nation and this is social justice. This could not happen as deprived persons are still present and there are some who have big capital.

This is the sincerity and purity of the Supreme Leader and is high vision because no Leader in the world talks about their own weakness that we could not do this. Every other leader shows sweet dreams. But the Supreme Leader confessed in front of public that we had this shortcoming and if people are objecting then it is their rights to demand as these means did not reach them. He apologized from people and also invoked Allah to forgive this shortcoming.  This is the greatness of the leader even though this weakness was not from his side but from the government which came and got into other activities and did not focus on establishing social justice. In this situation the American and European sanctions have affected a lot and now they are pursuing Iran to stop their missile systems as that is threat to Israel. Hence there is high pressure and once again there will be an aggression on Iran to end their missile system the way they did with nuclear.This time also if they submit to them in the missile plan like nuclear then this would become a strange example and America would not allow any community to raise their heads. At present their perseverance is under test as Iran is the resistance representative for all the oppressed across the world. It is tough to sustain these restrictions, sanctions when millions of people are deprived of basic necessities and they understand also. The people have proved on the revolution day that they are with the revolution but the rulers by speaking in weak tone have demonstrated that they are not with the revolution.

Trump is trying to deal Pakistan with this weapon now. Some think that America will attack Pakistan. the attacks make a nation strong as people unite and their emotions rise. It is the sanctions which brings down the determination of people. If America attacks Iran, it will solvethe problem of Iran. As this will develop hatred towards America, they will all unite, create a united front and all will become loyal to nation. But America will not do this, they have broken the determination of Iran with sanctions and they want to try the same tactic on Pakistan. As such there is instability in Pakistan and everyday Trump issues new statements to Pakistan to take certain actions. If this goes on and the way India is making the atmosphere in international organizations against Pakistan then it is possible that with this weapon they willpursuePakistan and force them to hand over their atomic weapons and this is what India also wants. 

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