Political Markaz - Iran Israel direct war

Iran Israel direct war

Iran Israel direct war

May 11,2018 Comments Download

One more important issue that is in the news is that formally Iran Israel war has started. First Syria attacked Israel and then Israel attacked Syria after which there is silence since some hours. But there is a possibility that this war would get flamed and for which preparations were being done since beginning. Three parties were busy in making the atmosphere for war but now it looks like this war will take place. Trump, Bin Salman, Netanyahu that is America, Ale Saud and Israel have all common agreement that they have to fight war with Iran but the question was who would go in front. Trump wanted Ale Saud to fight the war and we will support them. Israel and Ale Saud wanted the opposite. They had a concern who would come forward and who will support. It looks like Trump is successful and he has asked Israel to do this and Ale Saud is with them. If this war proceeds then this will take a very dreadful shape and face. Iran won’t be alone there would be other powers also involved. Russia is already aligned with Iran. Turkey also for the sake of their personal interest would also step but we can’t say in this war might be that it starts war against Iran and then goes after Ale Saud.There is no reliability on Erdogan, he starts with something and then goes after something else. Since he is a Turk who are generally short tempered. He goes out of anger to attack Netanyahu but embraces, hugs him and comes back. It is definite that Turkey will participate in this battle. It is clear that if America, Ale Saud and Israel attack Iran then Iran also in its defense will attack the interests of these nations. They are all in the range of Iran missiles like Abu Dhabi, even if Iran fires a bullet it will reach Abu Dhabi; then Dubai and others are all in the range. The attempts are being made for a deadly war. It is also possible that all this is being done to keep Iran under pressure as it has been their policy to keep Iran under pressure. What happened last night and yesterday this change came in the region.

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