Political Markaz - Intentional non-seriousness by government in Pakistan

Intentional non-seriousness by government in Pakistan

Intentional non-seriousness by government in Pakistan

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Latest Political Analysis In Pakistan there has been an acceleration of non-serious politics. The national politics is going with instability and increasing day by day. The ruling government and opposition are engaged in conflicts. The opposition is threatening to bring down the government and the ruling government is putting people from opposition into prison. They are everyday bringing new names, they remove next day and this is the total activity of the government to make, amend lists. They are not doing any development work.

The grievous thing is that not a single law got accepted, bill passed or presented in either the national or provincial assemblies. From the way the government is working it looks like a period has been decided which could be six months or less or more whereby they want to run the country the way it is, then they will do something. They are not doing anything fundamental. Taunts, war of words are going on between government and opposition. To leave all developments and coming to this means they want to spend time like this and then some other plan is there in their minds. Those who are actually at the back, the power holders, who are going to make policies for the country and select pawns; looks like the move they want to do on the chess board is something else and what is happening now is just temporary.

In certain games like cricket, football where they pass time. One team knows that we cannot win. If we play then they will win, hence they will spend time. If cricket is going on, and if they know we cannot win and in order to protect from losing; they pass the time. They will throw the ball far, so that few minutes are passed in finding the ball. They will do some cheating; they will shout so that time passes somehow. They will complain for fouls. A weak team who knows they cannot win, they pass the time to avoid defeat.

There is something else in their minds; they don’t want to play the game. For the game they have some other planning. The behavior of government and opposition shows that for next few months they will continue this drama of passing time. They have to keep the community also busy. It is winter, there is no gas also so if the community becomes free, then they will come out. They produce one list and community gets busy. They start to talk what will happen to the other name etc. This kind of non-serious behaviors is intentional and not foolish. They want to pass sometime this way and after some time might be they will do re-election, or accuse this government or take some other politics. But now it looks like this will continue for some time.

News statements are on peak; there are lowly talks from opposition also; the TV talk shows are very lowly and community is involved in this. There is no gas and community is living on the entertaining statements of these politicians.

The PM has given one more beautiful statement whereby he said that Pakistan will not be used anymore as a rented gun for others. As he said it won’t be used as a gun for others anymore on rent, which means this was happening before. The PM has given this affirmation that this won’t happen. This is a great statement if the conditions of these can be met. I will mention what steps need to be taken to keep the worth and respect of this statement and what all has been done to break this.

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