Political Markaz - Intentional display of Pakistan Economy crisis to world

Intentional display of Pakistan Economy crisis to world

Intentional display of Pakistan Economy crisis to world

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The crisis of economy which is going on in Pakistan has acquired severity. Actual crisis is political and this has given birth to economy crisis. This is not natural crisis where Pakistan is becoming bankrupt due to natural causes which afflicts economy. It looks like under a conspiracy, strategy Pakistan is being pushed into this kind of economy. There was no such danger to the economy of Pakistan and there was no red light. Specifically after CPEC everyone globally had indicated good progress to Pakistan economy. There were many hopes developed that Pakistan economy will ramp up to development.

The plans which China had made for their own benefit but has given a big support to Pakistan economy. In this situation Pakistan has gone into such economy crisis, that our minister of treasury and other responsible government persons are predicting that the country is getting bankrupt. This term of bankruptcy is used in business. This means the base capital on which business is done gets finished. There is a base capital and on top of that profit is made; if the base capital gets finished than this is bankruptcy.

The Minister of treasury has formally announced that Pakistan is about to become bankrupt. This minister has a key position in the government now. He is the son of a retired Lt General Umar who had two sons; one went to other party of PML and this one came to PTI, Asad Umair. He has taken degree in economy and has worked in some private companies. It was said that he is an expert on economy and is an Aflatoon in economy and he should be just given an opportunity. In fact even before PTI came into government it was being said that Asad Umar has given a big support to Pakistan economy.

This atmosphere was made about him on social media and other media. His party won and came into governance and from that time this economy crisis started and is going on till date. First they said 100 days, and now 8 months have passed and in general every individual is doing what they have said. When this minister presented the past mini budget, journalists asked him that people are yelling due to inflation. He said that this is not inflation, the actual inflation is going to come and it will be to that extent that power will cry and shout.

And people are now practicing to shout, since the Pakistanis generally don’t shout. It is their statement that the country is about to get bankrupt. The style of media which we have and the way they present things that people forget even yesterday’s news. They create such anxiety in media that make everything forgotten of past. 

If you remember the past statements, then these have come with figures, that we will make so many homes, jobs and return black money. And the most hopes were placed with friendly countries. Our PM visited also to China and first visit he made to Saudi, and they also auctioned. Then he went to Emirates, who has stabbed Pakistan twice in one month. When India Pakistan clash took place, Emirates arranged a conference of OIC, in which the Indian FM Sushma Swaraj was called and she gave a speech against Pakistan and Pakistan boycotted that conference. 

The second thing which Emirates has announced their business partner with special privileges as India. UAE is ready to give special trade benefits to India above their normal policies. Now despite of all these visits to friends, we are getting impressions that no loans are coming, the treasury is getting empty and we have to stop many productions and we are not getting any funds from anywhere.

Pakistan is under negotiation with IMF and already Pakistan is under big debt of IMF since long. The current government announces one day that we will not take loan from IMF, but the same day they start negotiations with them. It is not that the production has stopped in Pakistan and situation changed, everything has remained the same as before. When this new government has come they are giving this impression that Pakistan is about to end. This is an intentional thing which is done to present Pakistan in front of the world and foreign investors like this. If you proclaim that Pakistan is getting bankrupt who will invest money in Pakistan. It is not this kind of dark night in Pakistan, the weak base of Pakistan economy is still there. But this policy which the current government has adopted and giving this impression is beyond understanding. There is no one opening this also. Even if this is happening then also these are national secrets and countries hide such things and not expose it, the way it is being done now intentionally in Pakistan.  

The President of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad who visited Pakistan sometime back; he has done a good work in his country. Malaysia and other countries in the 90s went through the worst crisis than what Pakistan is now. What happened to Malaysia was worst in that SEA crisis, and this person Mahathir whiteout taking help from foreign organizations recovered the economy of Malaysia and not just this, he made Malaysia a superior economy in the region by making certain policies. 

ow when Mahathir Mohammad came here, he counselled Pakistan that IMF Is a destructive organization and you should not even think of taking support from them, by taking loan if you think that you will recover your economy by taking loan from IMF then it is foolishness. There are resources with Pakistan as well but we don’t see any intention. What looks like as the intention of state is to create as much instability in politics and bring highest possible severity in economy? You can imagine the severity that government has formally notified pharmaceutical companies to increase the prices of life saving drugs. This was the notification from government few days back. They said that we should increase by 15 to 20% which came in news, but we should not trust what comes in media. As media does not give news, they make news. They announced in media that pharma companies have increased the prices by 100%. IF you increase the price of life saving drugs then one category of people will not able to afford this. This will be out of reach from poor persons.

The government has asked to increase the prices of life saving drugs, but the pharma companies increased the prices of all medicines. The high court has now notified them to rectify this. The prices of petrol, gas has also gone up and they are also indicating that Rupee will further fall down against dollar. The impression which they are giving to the world is dangerous. The impact which community is getting like tomato in this season of tomato crops has become expensive. Like in the last season of sugarcane they did not give canes to the mills, or they crushed it when they become dry and whatever was crushed, they did not pay to the farmers. This strategy which the government has adopted is not producing good effects inside and outside country.

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