Political Markaz - Instability in Pakistan is making life miserable for common man

Instability in Pakistan is making life miserable for common man

Instability in Pakistan is making life miserable for common man

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The political instability in the country has increased, became severe and till now the government is leading in ensuring and enhancing this instability. In instability and increase of political anxiety the government is ahead of everyone as compared to other parties and even media. This is their trend and to the extent that Pakistan has lost at international level in a big way.

The Pakistani nation does not know about this as to what is the impact of all this on Pakistan. There is no one ready to invest in Pakistan, there is no one ready to bring Pakistanis anywhere, they are not ready to believe in Pakistan. There is a big impact to Pakistan globally in reference to military, economy, forces, strategically, population, man power and similarly other expertise which are there in other divisions. When rulers, politicians start to play games, become non serious and do not think of anything other than their own gain, agenda and power base.

The same situation is here in Pakistan. The economy has been destroyed in Pakistan and they are trying to save this by imposing heavy taxes on people. They have called such experts from global institutes, who are sitting in state bank and financial institutes. The plans they have adopted has destroyed the economy of Pakistan.  

They have imposed taxes on everything of essential things. The lowliest economies of poorest countries are also not like this like Afghanistan and African countries are poor, but there also this forest law is not there. Since a big number of Pakistanis are outside of country, if they have mobile in their pocket, there will be tax on them as well when they come to Pakistan. This is a sign as to where economy has gone and what kind of incapable, useless persons are there who are supposed to save the economy.

The cost of goods has increased and things costing 10 Rupees has gone to 25 rupee and on the other hand the value of rupee has fallen down. With rupee falling down again there will be organic inflation and third thing they did was to impose further taxes on this. So, they increased commodity prices, then inflation due to currency fall and then taxes. So where will the people pay all these inflated prices and taxes? These people who have come from outside financial institutions think that the Pakistani people are planting money in their homes. From where will the people bring money to pay the inflated prices of goods, fulfill the gap of currency devaluation and also taxes.

The outcome will be that an ordinary person who has no money will die of hunger. They will not make their children educated and they will not pay for electricity. The market is down, the businessman are on strikes. Anyone who has to buy something, they have to show their identity cards, so now tax department will come next day to check how you buy. This way people have stopped trading, the markets have stopped, the traders are protesting and bad days are coming. We don’t know how fare they want to take this. 

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