Political Markaz - Insecurity for Balochistan – Church Attack

Insecurity for Balochistan – Church Attack

Insecurity for Balochistan – Church Attack

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In national issues, the same routine terrorism incidents that keep on repeating over time are happening. In last week it was the tragic incident of terrorist attack on Church in Quetta and a big number of Christians lost their lives. Balochistan has become the most inflicted region of Pakistan. There are many elements that have gathered there to make that province insecure. Some are common across the country which are the terrorist groups like Sipahe Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and their branches which are present across the country. But some groups are only specific to Balochistan like the Baloch communists. Some due to their communism and then due to the ineligibility of our rulers they have made Balochistan insecure. The third element of insecurity in Balochistan is the interference of India which they have openly said that if PK interferes in our affairs then we will interfere in Balochistan and Gilgit region specifically which Indian Prime Minister and other government officials have also said and which is happening now.

First there were four groups in Balochistan; one were the non-Baloch who resided in some towns like Quetta and when this land became insecure for them many left that place and many were killed. The second group for whom the maximum insecurity was created there were Shias who suffered the most, and they are mainly the Hazara believers. Then the third group was the government security personnel that is the Police officers who became victims, then FC and other security forces who are targeted by Baloch communist. There is international support also for Balochistan. Sometime back there were Free Balochistan banners posted on Buses in Switzerland and England. It was there for few weeks like that and the agencies over there support them. One branch of this conspiracy to keep Balochistan insecure was to attack minorities and this was done now on Christians.

As I said before that despite of the operations going on against terrorism but still nothing is happening, because they don’t touch the roots and stems; and only just chop the leaves. I have repeated this many times and should be repeated again and again so that the community gets attentive. That is the three roots of terrorism which are untouched and even nurtured and supported. The first is the Takfirist thinking, vision which declares everyone else as Kafir and to be killed. There are foreign Mubaligh’s also outside but in PK there are big numbers of Madrasah, schools, centers who declare everyone as infidels and they kill only Muslims. These Takfirist only attack Muslims who do not believe in their sect. Their centers are present and for the sake of elections they are being strengthened further. You are catching terrorists but also supporting those who are breeding them. You are killing chickens but growing poultry farms. You will never find shortage of chicken throughout the year because the poultry farms are there, who are breeding chicken. Though millions are slaughtered but more than those are born.

The terrorists are caught, killed, hanged but still they keep on growing because the centers breeding them are present but they don’t touch them. They cannot also touch them because they are very powerful as well and cannot put their hands on them. Now when these groups have come inside politics it is impossible someone will put reigns on them, because they become the need for the government to carry out protests, sit-ins, riots. The second is the government support, the officers they are present in many government institutes. I have mentioned this many time, it has come in media and reports have come. They don’t touch them as well, the government members should not have any contact with terrorists and even politicians should not have any contacts with terrorism; it should be legally prohibited for them. Everyone knows as well that who belongs to which groups they belong and which politicians support them. The politicians support in getting terrorists out of prisons. A terrorist comes out of prison and politicians for their reception. There are many politicians who have pictures with the leaders of terrorists. These terrorists are those for whom Police have kept rewards for killing. They are hunted on one side and on other hand there are pictures of politicians with them. The third is the Arab wealth which has become as curse, destruction for Pakistan and as such for entire world. The Pakistanis; people, rulers are all captives of these Rials and dirhams. Till the time the Arab wealth is present this destruction will happen. They don’t stop, neither do they want to stop them and nor do they have the courage to stop them so that this crime and tyranny ends.

For Balochistan it is not just Arab wealth there are many other elements as well and there is a need for a lot of seriousness to resolve these issues. The maximum damage done to the issues in Balochistan is by this worthless General Parvez Musharraf. He has flamed the spark that was under dust due to this arrogance and foolishness. As such all rulers of Pakistan who came were fools only but if you rank them Parvez Musharraf was the most foolish one. He has inflicted big loss and today we are paying for all that in Balochistan. The Baloch have come under rebellion, they have made various forces inside Balochistan; they get political support from inside and outside.  But the victims at the end are either innocent people, on route pilgrims, Shias, police worker or minorities whereas those who are doing all this are safe.


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