Political Markaz - Individuals picked up from homes in Pakistan

Individuals picked up from homes in Pakistan

Individuals picked up from homes in Pakistan

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In Pakistan itself one more grievous thing which has become a matter of concern since long and has been expedited is the missing of persons and people being picked up from homes and taken into seclusion. This is going on in many cities and specifically in Karachi several Shia persons are picked for various reasons. If someone comes from Ziarat, they come and pick persons and trouble their families.

Since Pakistan has pressure from IMF and other political organizations, western countries have put very high pressure on Pakistan and they have paralyzed Pakistan economy and they want to end terrorism in Pakistan. They have taken names of terrorist’s organization to shut them down. But when operations start in Pakistan they go much beyond the list. Like if they are asked to catch horses, they will catch camels as well. There have been various groups in the country who have been doing all this both from national and non-national help.

Now when restrictions have come, all are being put under control specifically those groups who were explicitly state sponsored. You have prepared them till date and now you are putting restrictions on them. The reaction that will come out, they do not analyze this. This is not the trend in Pakistan as to what would be the outcome of decisions and reactions. They do it and then see what will happen and decide on that instance. It is evident that the decisions that were made in the past have proven to be destructive today.

All the decisions which were taken in the past from Zia ul Haqq time we are suffering as a result of that. So today the decisions that are being taken we should see after few years what would be the result of this. The way MBS has said that on the demand of West we created an extremist group of Wahhabi and today they have told us to end that and start liberalism and we have started that. So we also on the call of others we made Jihadi groups in Afghanistan and then when they ask to close them, we shut them down but we should know what would be the reaction of this.

Just like Pakistan has a policy of need, whereby in need you can break any law, you can do anything, you can break the country. This was also the vision of an ex Judge of Pakistan and he also took from history. The non-written policy which is being acted upon in Pakistan is balance policy. Whenever they take some action against some group, they do on others also so that the impression does not comes out that we are not targeting any particular group. In general what happens is that actual culprits are left out and those who were not concerned get into trouble.

Like certain Madrasahs were used in Pakistan for Jihad, terrorism and later when paths changed, policy changed they wanted to control Madrassah, but they did not control those who were used instead they are controlling all Madrassah. They are also made part of this law so that impression should not go out that we are after specific ones. They are not touching the actual culprits. When international pressure has come to ban terror outfits, but certain minorities are such that who are not related to terrorism at all but they are also kept under pressure. If someone is a criminal then there is judiciary system, you bring them under those penal codes and punish them. This will give the people more contentment. But when you go above law then people lose confidence specifically in this state of country. 

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