Political Markaz - Indian Muslims need New Pakistan

Indian Muslims need New Pakistan

Indian Muslims need New Pakistan

Jul 16,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi 

There were three incidents that came out in media last week and each of them is worse than other. One incident was that formally an armed civil group has been declared and for its membership a campaign has been done across India whose role is to kill Muslims. They want those people to join who are ready to kill Muslims. They are hiring warriors for assassinating Muslims formally now. The second thing which came on media as a government initiative that sacrificing animals in the name of religion would be a crime. This is coming before Eid Al Adha now, as such sacrificing cow was banned but now other animals as well would be banned for sacrifice. The most dangerous thing that happened on Indian Media was Muslim women were kept on sale online on a website. The famous Muslim women names, pictures and their addresses are posted placing them on sale. This is the most extreme thing much beyond making a Muslim assassination group and an act of disgrace. This act of selling women will not take place and they have done this to only insult Muslims and to show them their status. They have come to this extent where they have placed only famous working woman or actors but this would go beyond.

They are making life for Muslims miserable and is done by extremist Hindus under guardianship of government. When Pakistan was made the Muslim women were not kept on sale, at that time groups were not made for killing Muslims, there were no restrictions on sacrificing animals in the name of religion. At that time also Muslims though that it was not possible to live in this territory as they will be finished and their religion will also end. Hence the leaders like Iqbal and Qaid e Azam started this movement of Pakistan. But today even the same or more Muslims are present in India and for them these plans are made by the majority in India. Has the time not come for Muslims to read the intention of these people and make some arrangement for the survival of their generations? The arrangement is not that you stand up and fight with Hindus as they are in majority. Whether they fight or not the Hindus have written for them that this is going to happen, they should not look at their leadership as Muslims do not get the right leadership. The leaders only look at their own interest and they are not concerned about the people. It is the time for everyone to think because whatever they are doing now, they will not stop if your leaders ask them to stop and then ordinary Muslims will be the victim and only these leaders will be saved as they have connections and they can leave the country as well. For the Muslims of India the path which is left for them is the same solution which Iqbal presented at that time, which is a need for New Pakistan and making a new Muslim nation inside India. They can make Kashmir as their base and live in Kashmir and surrounding region. If they like to live in India then select a new state within India. If you think that you will be endangered inside India, hence Muslims should think about the majority areas of Muslims like Kashmir, Hyderabad and Muslims should migrate to such places. You have seen the state of Kashmir as they relied on outside people and no one came for their help and they easily usurped Kashmir and now they are thinking for other Muslims. This destiny comes for those nations who do not become aware about the dangers at the right time and this end gets written for them. Today the situation for Muslims in India is become more dangerous than Palestine and Yemen under the pretext on certain things which were done last week by the extremist Hindus on the will of government. They have kept women on sale, they made militancy groups for killing Muslims and sacrificing animals ban. The Muslims did not file an FIR and no one was arrested. This is a decisive situation that has come for Muslims, and if you do not plan now then you can secure yourself in future, and if you show laziness then there will be a bigger threat tomorrow.

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