Political Markaz - Indian government’s aggression on Muslims in 2017

Indian government’s aggression on Muslims in 2017

Indian government’s aggression on Muslims in 2017

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In the neighborhood of Pakistan is India. In 2017 various incidents took place in India specific to the Muslims. The current government of India which started on the basis of enmity of Muslims and Islam continued it further. The identity of current Prime Ministers itself is known as the killer of Muslims. When he was the Chief Minister of the Gujrat state, he did a mass genocide there on Muslims. The Muslims were burnt alive and it was all under his blessings. The Babri Masjid which was an icon of Muslims in India was destroyed and they now want to make a temple over there under the rule of this government.

One important thing that happened in India was that the violence and aggression of Indian government increased. In the past India was not counted as a violent, aggressive country but now it is whereby violence has become severe in the country. One target of this aggressive violence has been the Muslims. The hatred towards the Muslims has been enhanced and is being done with state support. The have sacrilege the sanctities of Muslims and have killed Muslims that too for strange reasons. If a Muslim has eaten beef they have killed them and several Muslims have been killed for the sake of cows. The Muslims are pressurized to either the leave the country or become Hindu. A movement has been started with the title of Ghar Wapsi (Return Home). They tell Muslims that you were Hindus before, and it was those Muslim invaders who came to India in the past who made you Muslims hence you should return back to your original religion of Hinduism. They make this drama also sometimes to show some Muslim converting to Hinduism.

The severe pressure has been in Kashmir where severity and aggressive torture increased. Though there were some foreign elements involved as well which I will mention later. The latest weapons have been used on the Kashmiri Muslims, whereby Pellet guns which is used for hunting on animals has been used aggressively on Muslims and many lost their eyes in that. Then they started the disgraceful act of hair chopping of Muslim women. A movement also started against this violence by Kashmiri’s and it is ongoing.

There is a severe pressure on the Indian Muslims and under this pressure certain Muslim groups have done strange things. Like in some cases they have dramatized that some Muslims are leaving their religion and becoming Hindus but in certain cases there are Muslims who despite of remaining Muslims do strange things. Some of them are very famous scholars who have been visiting Pakistan also before. They have not converted to Hinduism but they attend the Hindu temples to participate in their acts of worship. They go to the Ganges River and take ritual bath over there. The Hindus go to Ganga River to take ritual bath for purification. The River Ganga is the most polluted river of India where the wastages of big population of Indian is passed into. These Muslim scholars go to Ganga, dive inside to take ritual bath in that water just to demonstrate their unity with Hindus. Some scholars have participated in their temple programs and worshipped the idols; by bowing in front of them and have recited the same hymns which the Hindus were reciting. They did all this to give this impression that we are with Hindu’s and are same as them. One stranger thing which the Muslims of India are doing under this pressure is that they have made eulogies (Nauha’s) of patriotism and do Matam (chest beating) on these eulogies. They do not recite the eulogies of Imam Hussain (a.s) in Azadari but instead recite the eulogy of patriotism and beat their chest. This kind of love of nation you would not have seen anywhere else where people do Matam (chest beating) in patriotism. They have bands of eulogies who recite these eulogies of patriotism and others beat their chest. Even the Hindu’s won’t be as patriotic as they are. They have become more catholic than the pope. All these things are being done due to pressure and to seek refuge from the Hindu extremism. The Muslims are witnessing this extremism there. There are one billion Hindus and there are two hundred millions but for the sake of security they do all this. They recite Naat’s in the name of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and in the first sentence they recite the name of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and then everything is in love of India. They have this pressure on them and in order to protect themselves from tyranny they are adopting these methods.

In 2017 what India has done for their interests is that they created a dangerous atmosphere at global level and created big difficulties for Pakistan. America which did not like India before and gave preference to Pakistan because India was friend to Russia. But now America has ideal relation with India and one reason for that is also china. And more than America the nearness developed with Israel is of much bigger scale. The Indian Prime Minister is the first Prime Minister who visited Israel. It was always that the Indian government has supported Palestine but the current government has openly supported Israel. Now the Israeli president is visiting India and Israel’s experience has been taken by India to crush the uprising in Kashmir. This is because Israel claims that they are more experienced in crushing Muslims movements. This is not true; they are experts in crushing Arab movements and not crushing Muslim movements. They have seen the Muslim movement of Hezbollah in front of them and they could not do anything and themselves got into danger and trying various things to crush Hezbollah. But Israel claims they have the technology to crush Muslims and India is using that.

2017 has been the year of disputes between India and Pakistan which has always been there as such but in the last year it went to its peak and even at times it came near to the jaws of battle. The forces were ready and rehearsing for the battle. India also went into the state of war with China and both the forces reached the borders and they did stone pelting on borders. The two atomic powers have created this record for stone pelting wars in this century. The plans which China has made to become a superpower is disliked by India and hence India has strong, severe plans and conspiracies against China. They are both atomic powers and the cumulative population of both countries is near to half of world’s population. They both reached near too war though it did not happen but the situation remains tense.


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