Political Markaz - India needs intellect – Deep Analysis of key dimensions of India attack on Pakistan

India needs intellect – Deep Analysis of key dimensions of India attack on Pakistan

India needs intellect – Deep Analysis of key dimensions of India attack on Pakistan

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India needs intellect – Deep Analysis of key dimensions of India attack on Pakistan

The actual topic is the tension between India and Pakistan which is taken the face of war. Two weeks before in the occupied Kashmir area, in Pulwama there was an attack on BSF forces of India and they got killed after this India made an atmosphere to attack Pakistan. They did two aerial attacks after that. One attack was done in Balakot, where they thought that there was some camp; where they bombed and left where there were only trees.

The second attack which they did two days back; in which the moment Indian aircrafts when they entered Pakistan air space, they were brought down, and one pilot was arrested and the PM has announced that we will release him on Friday as good gesture. India has threatened and international media is also attentive on this. This topic needs attention, some points are being pointed by media but some are ignored and the people should know what the actual background of this is. 

Pakistan and India both are suffering issues. In Pakistan elections were done in 2018 and government is facing severe problems and the biggest problem is economy. The budget required for meeting national expenses have big deficit. One country, nation with 220 M people if they don’t have money to run the nation then that state becomes victimized. The inflation is going up and ordinary life is suffering. Along with this, the current government has a unique style and that is as per a ruling government, they are still fighting with opposition and do not realize that they have to run the state as well. They are bringing opposition leaders to court, arresting them and fighting in media. The day India attacked, the Sindh assembly speaker was arrested and jailed. They arrested Shahbaz Sharif, took various remands and made noise on media, then NAB released him that nothing was proven. They have entangled the nation to this extent, that wasting time, creating problem in the country and then leaving easily that he has not done anything. These two are fundamental issues in Pakistan. 

In India 2019 there are elections and Modi government has completed his tenure, and they want to win the elections again. The BJP is ruling party and against this is the Congress; whose premiers were Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi and they are also strong party. The Italian daughter in law of Indira Gandhi is strong and mostly the government toggles between these two parties. The current government has a specific vision and have a unique style of governing. For this the steps they taken are disturbing inside country and specifically inside Pakistan.  

One general view is that since elections are near, that to win elections they are exaggerating the threat from Pakistan; to show the people that this government is giving iron fist reply to Pakistan and they will save India from Pakistan threat hence they should be given vote. In the past also the Modi government has won with anti-muslim fire votes and extremism in Hindu religion.

One central Indian leader from the same ruling party has said that; if we do a minor war with Pakistan on the borders, then the 22 seats of selections which are dependent on this, we will win. This was essential for these 22 seats else we will lose these elections. All the opposition have put pressure on the Indian government that this is not the national war of India and the war of Modi , who is triggering this war to win elections and will damage the country. This is the dimension which is being presented on the media and everyone is going in this direction. There is no doubt that the Indian elections have become the basis of this. But whatever has happened and the threat which is going up, has some other scenarios as well which is no one is attentive about. I will present this so we know what is happening around us.

The actual dimension of this war which India wants to trigger has multi dimension and one of them is election but not the actual dimension. That actual dimension as I said before was that 9/11 has become a strategy in the world. On 9/11, certain aircrafts attacked World Trade towers and Pentagon in America and this incident changed the history of the current era. This incident way it was told that Al Qaeda, with Osama as their leader did this planning and made America as target. This was a lie.

The actual scenario was that America itself to gain its objective of new world order whereby there will be one system that will govern the world, no other thoughts, and ideology would be there. The foundation of this vision was laid almost 30 to 40 yrs; they kept on working on this. When George Bush came, they made this operational. There were groups made before. Then they started, that their own made, trained groups whom American Air force has trained them. They had American passports but Arab origin, Saudi national. They hijacked the 4 to 5 passenger aircrafts in the top security country.

They attacked various places. They made this plan to attack themselves and blamed others. They blamed Osama bin Laden for this, the head of Al Qaeda and friend of Taliban. He was in Afghanistan, and they demanded to hand over Osama. There also it was their group, and they refused to hand over Osama. Colin Powell, the Defense Secretary called Pakistan General Parvez Musharraf. He made three minutes call and asked for Pakistan Airforce base, air space and this general accepted everything. Then using Pakistan land they attacked Afghanistan and for years that war went on and then after years American aircrafts came to Abbottabad and took Osama which was also a drama which they made. This was all a story to deceive people.

9/11 is the name of strategy, which means for you to crush your opponent, find an excuse, and if they don’t give you that excuse then you do self-flagellation, do a damage to yourself and then put the blame on your opponent and without giving any change, attack them. This has become a worldwide strategy. The Indian government from the time of freedom, they have proved that they are not creative in any field. Neither in politics, nor in other field that they create, they only follow and copy. They are Taqleedi and not Takhleeki. The issue of Kashmir they are following Israel. The way Israel is dealing with Palestine they are dealing with Kashmir.  

If you see Pakistan, then it is the size of one state of India. Pakistan is not strong in number of people; it is 1/5th of India population. If you count the war machinery; then entire Pakistan army is 900,000 thousand and India has 2.5 Million forces. But India has presented Pakistan as a monster to their people that Pakistan wants to destroy India, divide India, capture India nd if we don’t fight with Pakistan then India will finish. Near the election, through media they made their people believe this. They have presented Pakistan as a big threat and now to give salvation to India they want to attack Pakistan .This is the same  9/11 strategy. 

They want to attack because Jaish e Mahammad group from Pakistan, which is head by Azhar Masood has attacked the Pulwama. Azhar Masood was taken away from India through Afghanistan and then he made this organization, the Pakistan FM has openly said that if you give proof that if any Pakistani is involved in this, then we will punish him. They did not give any proof but instead united their people and started the attack.

The attack also they did was in strange manner. First time they came and bombed trees, then they got their aircraft attacked. These two aircrafts which fell down are the most advanced super modern aircraft. MIG 21 is advanced aircraft from Russia. In Airforce and missile technology Russia is much ahead than America. These MIG aircrafts are very advanced with Pakistan AF got them down.

The Pakistan has F series fighter jets that also old models; as the new aircrafts were not given and maintenance parts were also not given. This was the expertise of Pakistan AF that on the border itself that they got them down. India made this excuse that they have attacked Pulwama and without any proof they carried out this operation as they have made this scenario before.

This attack has several dimensions and multiple purposes. One is of Indian ruling government who wants to win election. One other purpose is of the extremist lobby in India who wants something else. One purpose is of other nations other than India. If you see Bin Salman, the most respected, honored, admired prince of Pakistan came to Pakistan and from here went to India and moment he left India, the next day India attacked Pakistan.

It is clear that the favorite prince of Pakistan, for whom the foolish things which they did and they will be ashamed, regret a lot later for this. They nominated Shias as to they are in objection. They did such lowly things and he was so favorite that they did not allow opposition to even meet him, as they were afraid that one drop of milk should also not pass into the mouth of opposition. The Pakistan government was milking this bull, who is not even a cow but still the Pakistan were milking a bull. They were afraid and did not allow any political party or religious party or scholars to meet him. So many Shia scholars were desperate to meet him but they did not allow as they were afraid that only one or two drop of milk will come out from this Bull so what will happen to them. He only promised 20 billion $ loan to Pakistan and then he went to India and invested 100 billion $ there. Then immediately attack starts there. 


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