Political Markaz - India destabilizing Pakistan from all around

India destabilizing Pakistan from all around

India destabilizing Pakistan from all around

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The other issue is the ongoing tension on the Indian border whereby continuous aggression is going on without any break by India on the border and is increasing day by day. In last few days several Pakistani soldiers who were defenders of our border got martyred. The reactionary operations are going on but not to that extent. From the time the Israeli Prime Minister visited India and the Indian Prime Minister went to Israel the policy of India towards Pakistan has changed. Now India has adopted the plan to keep Pakistan under continuous pressure from all dimensions. On the political front also they have Pakistan under severe pressure; in diplomacy as well they have kept Pakistan under pressure. In global organizations also India is developing a public opinion against Pakistan. In every such meetings they are trying to get resolutions against Pakistan accepted in United Nations and other international organizations. India is playing an aggressive role against Pakistan in many international organizations but from this side due to instability inside the country there is no reply. Since everyone internally is in a power race trying to snatch power from each other in which establishment, government, media and people are all busy in this. They have become negligent as to what is happening from India against Pakistan. The internal conflicts that is happening where all organizations, politicians, media have come down to an abased level and big drama, mockery is done. The government is playing a funny role and above all the Judiciary has the funniest role and they are in the forefront to destabilize the political situation in Pakistan. Hence they don’t have time to think about what is happening on the borders and what is about to happen; though this is very sensitive.

India want to keep insecurity in Pakistan specifically in Balochistan, Karachi and in almost all cities. They have openly announced that Pakistan will not remain in peace. They have created special squads and have taken foreign help for this. They have coordinated with the terrorist elements which were already present in Pakistan since before. These name sake terrorist groups which were present have got affiliated with India and India has brought these rented killers and terrorists. India has invested a lot of capital on these internal groups like Lashkare Janghvi, Sipahe Sahaba, and Taliban. India has sieged the complete borders of Pakistan. There is a long border of Pakistan with Afghanistan and Afghanistan is under Indian influence. There is a big border with India and India has made that insecure and tense. There is an Iran border and since Pakistan is not having friendly relationship with Iran hence Pakistan has wasted this neighbor themselves. On the other hand India is trying to ally with Iran against Pakistan.

Yesterday Iranian President is on a three days trip to India and before Indian Prime Minister has visited Iran. India wants to continue a border conflict with Pakistan and in international organizations India has created big issues for Pakistan in blocking international aids. But there is no seriousness seen inside Pakistan to confront this situation. There are only some vague statements that are given from some government officials. They are not making any efforts at international level to confront India and neither inside the country there is any effort seen. Some efforts that are done by some extremist organizations who were formed as a party in the name of Defense of Pakistan. They carry out some rallies and publish some pictures in newspaper in the name of Defense of Pakistan council. This council itself has a problem as it has some banned outfits and now we are trying to confront India through these banned organizations. In order to come out of this situation seriousness is required and the people of Pakistan have been generally made careless, negligent with the national issues. The people are themselves unconcerned and the establishments, government and politicians have also made them further unconcerned. They are not ready to deliver any role and neither would they be given any opportunity to do something. But it is the people only who can defend the nation. People should come out of this extremely non serious atmosphere that is being created day by day related to the upcoming elections. The current political atmosphere in the country for the upcoming elections have become shameful and people should come out of this and be attentive towards the main problems of the country. Though India also have their own internal problems and it is possible that they might compromise at some point with Pakistan but Israel will never do any compromise with Pakistan as they are hell bent to destroy the atomic weapons of Pakistan. Recently also a senior office bearer of America has given a statement that Pakistan is a threat to the world. The same statement which they issue for Iran and North Korea now they are using the same tone for their old friend Pakistan. These talks that Pakistan is a global threat and Pakistan has been kept under supervision; they keep on exerting pressure on Pakistan that you are supporting terrorism. Now the addition they have done in their statement is that the atomic weapons of Pakistan are a threat for global peace. This is an Israeli and Indian conspiracy. Since the diplomatic emissary acts of Pakistan is weak they can take advantage of these and create problems for Pakistan at global organization level. They can try to take atomic rights from Pakistan or apply sanctions which they have done before with Iran and Libya. These dangers are circling over Pakistan but the government, establishments are not serious about this and only at certain times they issue some statements on media. We pray to Allah to protect Pakistan and protect it from near and far enemies.

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