Political Markaz - IMF and FATF claws Pakistan to reach lowest economic state

IMF and FATF claws Pakistan to reach lowest economic state

IMF and FATF claws Pakistan to reach lowest economic state

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IMF has formally announced that they have accepted the loans request. Pakistan has accepted all the destructive condition of the loans. The last agreement has to be made. The IMF has announced before that Pakistan economy will suffer big losses till 2020. The latest statement they give is that the Pakistan economy is a burden on the regional economy. This announcement is from IMF who has broken the back of many countries in the world economically. They have destroyed their systems.

IMF has been giving loans to Pakistan since long. Pakistan has to give big interests to IMF every month. With this loan IMF will return them as interests due on past loans. This institute has given this statement that Pakistan Economy is a burden on regional economy.

In Asian countries, like China, India, Iran, Arab states who have borders and Pakistan is connected to them and Pakistan is a burden which means the economy of Pakistan will not allow other countries to grow. When an economy of a country in region becomes at threat to others, then they know how to treat them. We can see where Pakistan is going towards. This happens when a nation is in the hands of an organization, that they bankrupt a country to this extent which means they will take the leadership, management of Pakistan from the local guardians and hand them over to international organization. 

The Pakistan economy will be governed by international organizations. There will be international authorities who will decide the economy policies of Pakistan, all the guidelines will come from there, and all the profits they will take from Pakistan and they will leave Pakistan to the extent that they pay their debts, just eat and only not die. There will be no development in Pakistan and these are the signals to push Pakistan in this direction. 

Two institutes have attacked Pakistan together aggressively. One is IMF and second is FATF.  FATF is the organization made to control terrorism financing. This organization has clawed Pakistan and this is not a global organization made by the world. Around 15 to 20 countries have made a gang to control financing of terrorism so that economic system in the world does not goes in the hands of terrorism. India is also part of this FATF. 

Pakistan is not part of this FATF. This organization puts pressure on Pakistan to give the records of money movement in the country. The government money comes from where and where it is fed. Every Pakistani brings money from where and where they spend. Give the accounts of everyone, so that we can check if any Pakistani is not supporting terrorism. They have themselves listed the terrorism groups, which were the organizations made by state before. Now from wherever they get support it means support to terrorism. 

The same effect is happening in Iran. FATF is imposing this on Iran also. They are like gangsters in economy, to control the financial dealings of a country. If they identify that so and so organization, person is a terrorist in your country, then you will not be allowed to provide any support to them. For this America declared IRGC in Iran as terrorist. The chief of FATF is America. They have told Iranian government, that in your financial system you should not support terrorism. This means the Iranian government cannot support IRGC, and if they do this government is supporting terrorism.

For such government who support, there are separate UN laws, which state that such country should be finished together unitedly by the world forces. This is the gangster system. They have told Pakistan that this is the list of terrorism organizations whom you should control and then they want all transactions details. Then IMF has asked Pakistan to provide all dealings of Pakistan with China and other countries. They have kept this condition that you have to give all secrets to us. Then they have asked inflation to grow in the country. They have put all these conditions to give 6 billion dollars. And Pakistan government will pay the debts from this. There should not be any development work. Our PM is against making streets and condemns the past government for making roads. IMF has said that this waste of money hence PM is also against. This is their act. 

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