Political Markaz - Imam Kaaba says Islam has no room for terrorism

Imam Kaaba says Islam has no room for terrorism

Imam Kaaba says Islam has no room for terrorism

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One more incident that took place in the same days was the visit of Imam E Kaaba. There are four Imams of Kaaba, who turn by turn lead the prayers in Masjid ul Haram. This is big privileged positon. Since Kaaba has a sanctity, the tiles, marbles, doors have a sanctity and see the respect which people have for even the stones there. They touch them in the state of wudhu everything that is present inside the Kaaba. Hence this positon of Imam E Kaaba also for people is respected. Very often the Imam e Kaaba visits Pakistan. 

The personality who has come now, has made visits at government level, non-governmental levels, he has lead prayers in some mosques, and he has attended some Madaris and has issued some statements as well. Some of his statements need attention. 

He has said that Islam has no room for terrorism. The statement of Imam E Kaaba is very important, which means there should not be hatred, sectarianism, and has invited scholars also to end sectarianism. This is a positive sign when such kind of statements come out, will have an effect.

All the hatred, discord has sprouted from there only. It has all come from there only. After the Islamic revolution, the pilgrims when they would go for Hajj and the sermons which were delivered in Kaaba during the Hajj time were grievous. They would take the name of Shias and term them as Kafir. They would spread hatred, they would counsel pilgrims that Shias cannot come here but we are helpless. Such kind of statements would come out from them. The muftis had justification for hatred with other Muslims. This Imam e Kaaba who has visited has given good statement that Islam has no room for such things.

In the past also one personality formally said that first I believed that Shias were not Muslims but after my new research I believe that Shias are not Kafir, and this is a positive change which has come in the thinking and due to which hatred was being spread. Since these people have an effect in Pakistan and Islamic world. The way in the past their negative statements were effective we hope their positive statement would also play a positive role. 

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