Political Markaz - Hypocrisy of Germany on Yemen

Hypocrisy of Germany on Yemen

Hypocrisy of Germany on Yemen

Feb 23,2018 Comments Download

The major loss of lives that is happening with utmost calamities is on Yemen. Ale Saud and their allies are attacking Yemen day and night; that too on the country which is already ruined and nothing left. On the other hand the hypocrisy of Western nations can be seen. Germany has issued a statement that Saudi Arabia should not be sold weapons as they are attacking innocent people in Yemen. They issued this statement and at the same time Germany did biggest deal of weapons with Saudi. Germany has given the most dreadful and destructive weapons to Saudi for attacking Yemen. They are announcing not to give but at the same time they want to milk this cow. Europe, America and others are all milking this cow. They are giving weapons in big way to Ale Saud and have ruined Europe. But if you see the people of Yemen how much patience and perseverance they have shown in resisting this; they did not move an inch backward from their stance and protecting the dignity of their nation. In these few years they did not give even 1% success to Saudi in any area. This is a strange war; where on one side are unarmed people, barefoot and on other hand armed forces supported with weapons from the entire world but still they could not acquire a single inch of Yemen. Instead the areas of Yemen that were under control of Saudi supporters are taken over by the Houthis.

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