Political Markaz - How China has become a global superpower?

How China has become a global superpower?

How China has become a global superpower?

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

In China last week there was a 100 years celebration of Communist Party of China which made new China and gave development to China. It was their party celebration in which the Chinese leadership delivered a very important speech. In this celebration even China has in a way challenged the entire world that the time to pressurize China and trouble China is gone. The time for conspiracy and planning against China has gone and we have become so strong that we have gone beyond your thinking. Now entire world has to submit to China and no one can misbehave with China.

Joe Biden has replied when asked about this speech, that this was such an important speech that we cannot comment anything immediately we are analyzing every point of the speech of Chinese President about the stance which China has presented which was so powerful. China cannot be dominated and no one can stare at China. They are not just economically strong but also militarily strong. The China is now the number one economy of world. America was considered as superpower in military then Russia but now China has superseded them as well. China has gone up to Mars and it is sending pictures of Mars which has not been possible for America till date. China has done all preparations of space war.

The Chinese Presidents has said that four chapters should be included in Chinese education system. One is that effort which gave freedom to China. Second phase is that stage which made the internal system of China the constructed the structure of new China. Third is that phase where China has become economically strong and fourth is that stage which has made China a global superpower. And this should be taught to all people. How did China achieve this level? It is very essential to understand this.

Our PM has given a statement with his nonpolitical insight that in China there is a single party system and there is no democracy. China has reached here without democracy. First, he said 4 years are not enough for ruling. Now he has said that China has been successful without democracy. One successful point in China is that they have not indulged their community in the quagmire of Democracy where all these corrupt, thieves, thugs come in power. In democracy enemies of humanity like Modi, Netanyahu and trump come into power. China has closed this path. China has made itself the axis of global politics and now China will decide what world has to do politically. China with the largest populated country has completely eradicated poverty from world. In China there are 1.4 billion people and still they have removed poverty. How this happened? One was China did not put their community on English language and behind English. Theu have everything in their own language. This shackle of slavery was in their neck which they removed and got rid of Japan from them. China has made its own communal identity. They protected their culture and Chinese system. They did not allow another party in China. They have relied on their people, and culture and did not take any loan, technology or help from anyone outside. It is well known for them that they steal technology and I would say it is the best robbery. They say Pakistan has also robbed atomic technology then I would say this would be best position in Jannat. China has not sold anything of theirs but instead got their technology and everything to China.

In China the political system is unique and you can see the countries in democracy like India, China where they are standing. All these democratic countries are depending on non-democratic nations. All the friends of Pakistani like China and Arabs are non-democratic. We have to learn from China. I am not saying that we should bring Chinese culture in Pakistan. China is giving progress to their own country and Pakistan should do their own. This is what we should learn from our friend country China. But till the time these slaves who are present who think English has all respects and insult their own people we cannot even think till they are present.

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