Political Markaz - Historic visit of Pope to Middle East

Historic visit of Pope to Middle East

Historic visit of Pope to Middle East

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One more historic incident that has taken place last week. Christians have three sects globally; one is Catholic Christianity, one is Orthodox and Protestant Christianity. Catholic is the majority in the world, whose leader is Pope Francis; before him was Pope Benedict, then Pope John Paul. The priest Pope Francis is the head of all Catholics. Protestants are aginst Catholic and Orthodox Christians are in Russia and these three sects do not accept each other and at times fight also with each other. Pope Francis; their Supreme Leader first time in the history of Christianity has entered in Gulf Arab regions; that is Saudi, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain Kuwait. In the entire history of Christianity their leader has never entered in this region.

There is a bitterness between Christians and Muslims in history and its peak were the Crusade Wars which took place between them in Palestine, on Jerusalem, which Christian claimed as theirs. This war continued for several years and a lot of killing was done and Christians were defeated and Palestine came to Muslims. This bitter operation took place in the same region as battles between Christian and Muslims. This became the basis of distancing between them.

This region of Arab states, where Mecca, Medina is present carries a special significance. This region has been kept away from this and Christianity remained away from this. There was a cold war which they were not accepting. When there are governments in Middle East who have completely become slaves of Christian rulers of West; now the Pope has got the opportunity to visit UAE in context to some inter faith conference. With him is the Mufti of Al Azhar University, Egypt. They are being called there and Pope has come there. As per the news report, the figures have come out that 1 million Christians are living in UAE. This is also a tragedy which has various effects and dimensions.  

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