Political Markaz - Hijacking of individuals by Pakistan agencies in unlawful manner

Hijacking of individuals by Pakistan agencies in unlawful manner

Hijacking of individuals by Pakistan agencies in unlawful manner

Nov 03,2017 Comments Download

The second issue in the country is due to the same atmosphere of insecurity and chaos; amongst this one is that due to unknown reasons people are arrested and they are just made unknown. The government institutions hijacks people and then do not inform also where they are. You are government organization and if someone has a crime, then you can inform the person of the crime, get arrest warrant from court and then arrest him and present in court, run trial , give him time to defend and if the crime is proven then punish him else release him. But this is not acted upon and multiple persons are picked up in abnormal way then neither their family, relatives nor anyone else knows about.

One effect of such thing is on the international status and personality of the nation. The personality of Pakistan has become very bad and globally Pakistan is not trusted by anyone even by close friends of Pakistan because of these acts. You have law in the country and when there is law why you bypass it. The law has given the rights to arrest by police, court and person can be arrested by law but despite of law being present they hijack persons in such an unlawful manner. It is like a person has married legally and has a lawful wife and then the husband comes and kidnaps his wife from home. When you have law, she is your wife, you can take here anywhere but you come as a gang and kidnap your own wife would be a senseless act. Such things creates anxiety, fear amongst people and sense of insecurity. And on top of this there is defaming of nation and international trust is lost and as such Pakistan has lost its status globally then on top of this such activities are done. There is no doubt that those who do such things are not loyal to Pakistan. And specifically for Shias there has been a policy forever whereas everyone openly knows who the terrorist are; which groups, people, leaders are all known to everyone. They are doing this because if they only take steps against one group then it will be one sided hence you should target all groups. It is like there are bandits in one area and in order to catch them you arrest others also who are not bandits so that the bandits don’t complain that you are only arresting us. What kind of logic is this? You are arresting a full village with innocents so that balance is maintained and to give this impression. Shias are the victim of this illogical thinking in Pakistan. Those who are a threat for the insecurity of Pakistan and have proven since years that they are not well-wishers of Pakistan and to arrest them they have made this justification to arrest others also. If they are criminals then arrest them and tell them for what crime you are arrested. Since long time there are several people arrested and their family also is not aware as to where they are and Allah knows what time their family members are going through. May Allah grant them salvation to these persons and their family from these calamities.

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