Political Markaz - Hezbollah slaps Saudi with Political victory

Hezbollah slaps Saudi with Political victory

Hezbollah slaps Saudi with Political victory

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A fresh new slap they got on their face was the elections in Lebanon. In these elections Ale Saud, Israel and America had to face a big humiliation. Trump and Bin Salman are the most stubborn and shameless beings. They make new plan every day and fail but again these shameless beings come up with a new plan. Bin Salman has been putting a lot of money in Iraq to divide the Shias and if Iraqi Shias can realize this they can blacken the face of Bin Salman like in Lebanon. In Lebanon just like in the past they bought up parties, candidates to create Fitnah. They made this drama of pursuing Saad Hariri for resignation by blocking him inside Saudi but then he returned their entire plan foiled which became a big global mockery for them. The Saudi then started to maneuver the elections. They purchased many candidates of various parties and wanted to win elections. They got humiliated in this as well.

There were two blocs; one was Saad Hariri and against them were Hezbollah. In the allies of Hezbollah, there is Amal group which is also Shia group whose head is Nabi Berri. It was the party of Mehdi Shamsuddin and prior to him Imam Musa Sadr has established this party. In Lebanon there are multiple Shia groups and some of them are Anti Hezbollah and some of them are even supporters of Saudi. There is one Maulana who has made a Hezbollah against Hezbollah and they are supporting Saudi Arab. There is one past, first General Secretary Subhi al-Tufaili who is also against Hezbollah. There are many Shia groups in Lebanon and one of them is Hezbollah who is under the standard of Wilayat rest all are not under Wilayat, they have their independent opinions. They have made a political alliance and their biggest ally are the Christian Evangelist, led by Michel Aoun, They were the one who have first battled against Hezbollah. There was severe battle between Hezbollah and Evangelist. Michel Aoun is the French supporter. They did alliance in this election and won the majority of Parliament seats. The same Hezbollah candidates have won those who have won in the past elections. They have fix votes and Hezbollah got the same seats as before. The Christians have got more seats and those seats which the group of Saad Hariri was winning has been won by Christians. The law of Lebanon is such that anyone who wins with even 100% seats, the government will be of Sunni. This is all pre agreed power there; the President would be Christian, Prime Minister Sunni and Parliament Spokesman Shia. The power is already pre divided in that democracy. Even though Hezbollah has majority seats in the Parliament but still Hezbollah is forced to make a Sunni as the Prime Minister.

This was a big slap for Ale Saudi and Israel. They put a lot of money in Lebanon to keep Hezbollah under pressure internally so that the Lebanon cabinet, parliament and other organizations should separate from Hezbollah. This way the government of Lebanon should formally demand from UN and America that Hezbollah is non-governmental group and this should be ended in Lebanon. This was the scenario which Bin Salman has created. This was the foolish scenario of Bin Salman to get Hezbollah under pressure.  This makes no difference on power over there. Even if 100% votes are taken by Hezbollah the Prime Minister will be Sunni, if 100% votes are taken by Sunnis then also the President would be Christian and spokesman of Parliament would be Shia. If we assume that a time comes when Shias all fail in elections in Lebanon and only Sunnis and Christians reach parliament then from amongst them only someone will have to become Shia. The ones who have been elected they will have to recite Aliyun Waliyullah then only they can become a spokesperson as that has to be Shia by law. This is a strange politics in Lebanon. Since Lebanon had various tribes, groups this has been done on that basis.

Hezbollah’s power is not parliament, election, and vote. The entire world has seen the power of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is the one who has removed Israel from Beirut. They have defeated ISIS in Syria and have removed America, France from there. That power is known to everyone. The secret of Hezbollah lies in Wilayat. They are under the standard of Wilayat. The entire world knows the power of Hezbollah. If everyone votes for Hezbollah or if no one votes for Hezbollah it makes no difference to the power of Hezbollah. The entire world wants to make Hezbollah a political party and they should drop their weapons. At one time even the Iranian President, Syed Mohammad Khatami also took a lot of interest in this to make Hezbollah leave weapons and make them only a political party for elections. Hezbollah is Moqawamat, they are divine army that is under the banner of Wilayat and they listen to the orders of Wilayat. In the recent days this was triggered that if the order of Wali e Faqeeh is something and the interest of Lebanon is something else then what would Hezbollah do. Hezbollah courageously, loudly said that we will do what Wali e Faqeeh says. We will not tell Wali e Faqeeh that Lebanon is saying this, we will tell Lebanon that Wali e Faqeeh says this.

We in this region and even in Arab world have not understood Wilayat. Shias have been away from Wilayat and Imamat since centuries. After the distance of centuries we cannot expect that this first generation can understand what Wilayat and Imamat is; it will take time. Imam Khomeini had a representative in Qom; Ayatullah Qadeeri. He was part of Imam’s Istifta group, which means he was amongst those whom Imam (r.a) had delegated to reply to people’s jurisprudence queries on his behalf. He in one issue send something in writing to Imam Khomeini (r.a) .I do not remember that topic. In reply to that question to that person who is the representative of Imam (r.a) in Qom, member of Istifta group of Imam; Imam wrote a very hard letter to him which is present in the Sahifa of Imam. Imam wrote in that letter that go and first study Wilayat. I think you do not even know the A B C of Wilayat. Don’t you know what Wilayat is? Is this the system of Wilayat which you are expressing? Go and study more.

No one has started to teach Wilayat till now, hence it will take time. There are no lectures in seminary of Qom and in Najaf on the system of Wilayat and Imamat. They eat food in the name of Imam, they do all other things in the name of Imam but are not ready to understand Imamat. After distancing for centuries how can they easily understand this system of Wilayat?

An Allama from Qom came and started to study PHD in Pakistan. I asked him whether this PHD will enhance your knowledge. He said no it will only give me a degree. I told him that you have taken knowledge, grace from Hauza whereas you have taken degree from University. Imagine tomorrow if you do some good intellectual work then everyone will say this person studied for thirty years in Seminary and could not do anything but after three years in university he has become doctor. You have taken all the virtues from Hauza but you are putting the garland in the neck of the world and as per me this is treachery with Hauza. If you have developed some quality from Hauza, then return that dignity to Hauza. The people from university came to leader to give him PHD degree, he refused it and said I only want to remain as theology student.

You make use of Imamat and ask vote for what? Democracy? You are taking the name of Imamat but seeking vote for democracy. Why don’t you and make these people stand for Imamat. Why don’t you call them for Imamat and Wilayat? You present the sanctities of religion and bring them into the valley of non-religiousness. This is the consequence of being distanced from Wilayat.

This was a big achievement in Lebanon and is a Mubariza (resistance), a part of war. If Hezbollah comes in Syria then also it is resistance, if they go on border to fight with Israel then also it is Moqawamat and if they participate in elections then also it is Moqawamat and resistance. You can see how they disgraced ISIS in Syria and humiliated Saudi in elections. Hezbollah can take full control of Syria and they can conquer Lebanon easily as they are the only power in Lebanon. But they are the army of Moqawamat, resistance and hardships who has stopped the enemies of religion behind the borders. If they are afraid today then only of Hezbollah. Their attack on Syria was to disarm Hezbollah and cut their routes. This was the reason they wanted to capture Syria but they failed.

Some people try to use all sanctities for their own gains. Like if someone cheats he will quote the reference of some religious person that he has also done like this. They will say Imams have also done. A person got married to a licentious woman. He gave reference that Imam Hassan (a.s) wife also;Jadeh who poisoned him. Why do you bring imams in this? You are justifying your non sanctitous acts through their sanctities? This is not the right path and is misguidance of community.

For our youths it is essential to develop awareness and not become victim of any deceit. At present, Shia, Islamic revolution, Islam, Muslim Ummah despite of all problems is on the pinnacle of power and not under pressure. The panic of Trump, enemies shows that Shiite, Wilayat, Hezbollah has become very powerful and impossible to be succumbed. It is because of this strength of Shiite that Bin Salman had to blacken his face by allying with Zionists. If Hezbollah was easy to be defeated by election then what was the need for them to ally with Zionists. They are making churches in Vatican. They havebecome disgraced because it is impossible to succumb Hezbollah. This atmosphere which gets created whereby sanctities are used for non sanctitous acts is not correct. The Pakistani Shias also have the same rights to become aware, develop, grow and become strong in thoughts like those Shias. If prestige is for those Shias then the Shias of Pakistan also should get that prestigious path. It is not that we handover the Shias to ghosts, Jinn’s and Takfirists. They all belong to this country and their destinies are linked to the destiny of this nation. We should remain aware and updated on global affairs but we have loyalty with our nation and this nation also needs that awareness and awakening just like others. It should not happen that our nation is kept in dark by those who have vested personal interests. This nation should also be aware. This nation also has the rights and they should be aware and Allah has also destined for them the path of Wilayat for their nation and land.

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