Political Markaz - Hezbollah no more needs weapons from Iran

Hezbollah no more needs weapons from Iran

Hezbollah no more needs weapons from Iran

Feb 18,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi


Syed Nasrallah has delivered an important speech. Saudi has disconnected Iraq from Iran and the party of Moqtada Sadr has won elections and the atmosphere is Anti Iran. This is the activity of Saudi Arab and what America wants sedition in Middle East is part of the map. Syed Nasrallah has made an important announcement that Lebanon is no more dependent to take weapons from Iran anymore. Israel has got a shock, warning and took this very seriously. This is because the two main weaponry which Hezbollah needed were the drones to attack is now being developed in Lebanon itself and second is to manufacture missile. One new ballistic missile experiment Iran has done on 1500 kms range which is the distance from Tehran to Tel Aviv. This technology is there with North Korea also to attack California from North Korea. Pakistan is also highly advanced in missile technology. Iran has tested this technology and Syed Nasrallah has also announced that we are developing drone, missile ourselves and do not need to take from outside.

You should remember that when Syed Nasrallah says something the Israel’s have full faith that this Syed does not lie, whatever he says he does. The Israelis doubt their politician, but not on Syed. When he gives statement they believe that this is true and would be like this only.

This ability of Hezbollah is not defensive to foil the attacks of Israel, it is the preparation of attacking Israel. In all three war scenarios there is one satanic powers who are making atmosphere, but against them are political experienced nations who are preparing for war as well using wisdom to avoid war.

Zionist PM has visited Bahrain who was warmly welcomed him and Bahrain is the first nation to officially appoint Zionist in forces and police to confront Shais and Iran. They have handed the entire nation of Bahrain to Zionist. The Zionist President is visiting Turkey to meet Erdogan also soon.

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