Political Markaz - Hezbollah in Lebanon strengthens in 2017

Hezbollah in Lebanon strengthens in 2017

Hezbollah in Lebanon strengthens in 2017

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In Lebanon in 2017, various incidents took place specifically due to being neighbor of Syria. Many incidents took place in Lebanon but with all the incidents the power of Hezbollah further enhanced. The more Saudi, Israel tried to finish Hezbollah and exerted a lot of efforts to extinguish this fire but one that is protected by Allah no one can touch them. Hezbollah has become more powerful now in Lebanon and the way Israel is afraid of Hezbollah now they were not that much before.  In the 33 days of war Hezbollah a decade before they taught a good lesson to Israel but this year after battle of Syria, they have almost crushed Israel; they developed more expertise of war and the power of Hezbollah has enhanced a lot.

One incident that took place was related to Saad Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon. Saudi got him to Riyadh and made him to resign in order to give a blow to Iran. Trump makes the design and Mohammad bin Salman acts on it foolishly but both do not get ashamed. They get defeated every day and then again make a new design. The failures which Mohammad bin Salman got, whatever design he made he got failed every day. The biggest disgrace he got was in Lebanon. The Prime minister was their guy and he was pro Saudi. He came in track suite on TV studio in Saudi and gave the resignation that I am resigning due to disturbance by Iran inside Lebanon. Mohammad bin Salman was thinking due to this resignation the supporters of Saad Hariri will come out on street in protests; as a result of this a front will open against Hezbollah for battle and then Iran will come for support of Hezbollah and with the help of America we will take revenge of Syria from Iran in Lebanon. But all this failed; the French President came and took him out to France and then when Saad Hariri returned he said that I don’t want to resign and said that what happened in Saudi will remain a secret.This was a big disgrace for Saudi.

In Palestine the third Intifada started and due to Trump’s announcement this front once again opened. But the Palestinian organizations which are fighting for liberation of Palestine; like Al Fath, whose leader is Mahmoud Abbas have done a lot of treachery. But since Intifada has started this is something good which is about to happen.



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