Political Markaz - Hafiz Saeed arrest to please Trump before PM visit

Hafiz Saeed arrest to please Trump before PM visit

Hafiz Saeed arrest to please Trump before PM visit

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Our PM is visiting America. He might be travelling today or soon for a two days visit. Before the visit to America an operation took place in Pakistan in which Trump has tweeted that this happened on my instruction. That was that the famous terrorism face of Hafiz Saeed of Jamaat ud Dawah. First his organization was LET. There has been pressure from India since long to hand over him to India.

Similarly, America also supported India, that this group should be banned and there were rewards to arrest him. Now at the time of PM visit, he has been arrested, and Trump has tweeted that I have got this arrest done. The way India has accused him that he has done many operations, Pakistan as a responsible entity should fulfill all international trials requirement and in the past also Pakistan has handed over so many persons to America.

The other dimensions should also be concerned. If some criminal has done some crime in Pakistan, he should be trialed. Though you have caught someone who is a criminal but arresting someone on the instructions of America is not correct. We all have differences with Hafiz Saeed, but this is not suitable for Pakistan that American president says and we arrest him as a gift to America. This will not give any respect to Pakistan. You could have arrested him 6 months back, run a case and punished him. It is very important that for which Trump you are doing all this.

I remember when we were studying in Qom. The Romanian president visited Iran and Dr Velayati was the FM. When he returned back to Romania after the visit, the people at the airport caught him and killed him, as he was a dictator and people were against him. For a FM it was very disgraceful that you are calling such a person to your country and at that time many fingers were raised on him and he was criticized for the diplomacy.

Now the Trump to which our PM is going, he should first analyze on what is the situation of Trump. In 2020 election are going to take place and he has come in a very weak position; the way Modi played the Pulwama gamble and won the elections. All the drama which Modi did for winning the elections. Trump is adopting the same Modi scenario for war against Iran.

Today Trump has tweeted that we got down an unmanned drone of Iran down, and he got the reply that it was your own drone which you shot down and saying it was Iranian drone. He wants to get compensate for the disgrace. The American congress has taken rights from Trump to start any war.

In this entire tenure of Trump, the biggest success for him was the deal of weapons with Saudi Arabia. And Trump would quote that I got this much wealth from Saudi to America. The congress has passed the bill that we cannot sell these weapons to Saudi Arabia as that is used to kill innocent people in Yemen. They are trying to disqualify Trump very soon as Trump has many scandals also related to sexual affairs, Russia and others. To arrest someone in Pakistan on the instructions of such a person, we should be careful and open our eyes. We should do everything based on our national interest and not on the instructions of Trump.

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