Political Markaz - Growing war tensions between Israel and Iran in Middle East

Growing war tensions between Israel and Iran in Middle East

Growing war tensions between Israel and Iran in Middle East

Aug 13,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

One topic in Middle East which has become highly serious is about triggering of an explicit Iran Israel conflict anytime. This enmity is for 40 years and Israel is responsible for this enmity. Iran is raising voice for Qods and supporting Palestinians. It is natural that Iran wants to finish Israel and has given such statements. There is clear enmity and both do not hide this enmity. Other Muslim nations have made friendship with Israel and they are trading with Israel even though diplomatic relationships are not done openly. After the Islamic revolution a new spirit got developed in the Palestinian freedom movement. This created a lot of enmity between Iran and Israel. Then a time came where a powerful group like Hezbollah got formed in region and Israel found that its existence is under threat and they can get demolished. Israel is growing it its enmity with support of America and Britain who went on killing Muslims everywhere. Then after this by applying pressure on Arabs they got them into alliance with Israel. As an outcome Israel which had gone into a weak position due to Islamic revolution and Hezbollah, with the support of America and Britain has again started aggression. After Trump came in power Israel has become more adamant and aggressive about Iran and now has reached it to its limit. Attacking Iranian bases in Syria, setting fire in factories inside Iran, attacking Iranian vessels, infiltrating inside Iranian organizations and above all the revelation in the farewell speech which Rouhani gave to his cabinet. He has openly said that Israel has stolen our atomic secret documents. How was this possible for Israel to steal the most secret thing from the computers and offices of Iranians? The Israel PM and intelligence chief has said this that we have done this , we have killed Iranian scientists, we have stolen the secrets. This exposure was done by Rouhani and ex intelligence chief Younisi has said more than this, that our top leadership is in danger due to the infiltration of Israel. Israel also has been giving the same indication.

Iran has adopted a policy to avoid war and want to continue with its policy inside the country and region without war. The situation in Iran also do not permit Iran for a war. But Bin Salman, America all desire a small or big war so that whatever they could not do till now they can weaken Iran further by a war and finish off the Iranian regime. In this perspective last week that has passed Israel has shown aggression in a big way and Iran has also shown reaction on this. The two vessels of Israel were targeted, one was in Oman seas and second was in Indian ocean. Iran has denied but Israel and Britain have said that it is done by Iran. It is apparent that they do not have any enemies in the region other than Iran. Hence all minds say that Iran has done this attack but Iran has formally not accepted this. This was an alarm to Israel, Arabs and others that since you are doing aggression in one sided way and think that Iran is weak due to internal position, now you should get out of this misunderstanding as Iran can attack wherever they want. A big alarm they have given is that oil vessels are the main artery in the region and it is within their reach. If you do any mistake by attacking Iran then you all are in danger.

The Israel defense minister changed his tone immediately and gave a humiliating statement. He said to rest of world that you all should control Hezbollah and Iran and they should not go beyond this. Hezbollah has fired rockets on Israel on rockets scaring them. The awe that Israel had created by doing drone attacks and they do not get any reply. Hezbollah accepted that we have fired these rockets as a symbolic act and we can give reply to you. The Israeli defense minister understood this language. Syed Nasrallah replied as well that we will reply to you for everything. The war will not take place as Israel is afraid but the atmosphere has been made.

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