Political Markaz - Golden Jubilee Celebration of Imamat by Agha Khani

Golden Jubilee Celebration of Imamat by Agha Khani

Golden Jubilee Celebration of Imamat by Agha Khani

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The topic which would become very astonishing for you was on 9th July there were full page advertisements in various Pakistan newspaper. I don’t know if someone has understood that or not but at least Shia should have understood. The news was that the leader of Ismaili Sect has completed his sixty years of leadership (Imamat) and they have celebrated the Golden Jubilee. The entire world and Pakistan has congratulated him for completely sixty years of his leadership. There were celebrations done and even the title in the news was of Imamat. This is a very important point specifically for the Shia Ithna Ashari that they were one of the branches of Shias only and there are various views on this. This branch started from the era of Imam Sadiq (a.s) whereby his elder son Ismael ibn Jafar who was thirty years elder than Moosa ibn Jafar. As per some historians first the Imamat of Ismael was announced and then later changed. This change is used in Ilm-e-Kalam under the subject of Bad’aa and this topic of Bad’aa is also confusion for scholars. Two topics of Bad’aa and Rajat are of confusion even for scholars and there is a need that some expert scholar comes up, does research and presents this topic to common masses to their level of understanding. Bad’aa means there was one intention done and then that is changed to something else. In some books of Ilm e Kalam the example given to explain Bad’aa is this only that first Ismael was appointed as Imam and then changed and this needs research. Though Ismael passed away during the lifetime of Imam Sadiq (a.s) and he himself buried him hence there should be no doubt about.  This sect after the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (a.s) declared Ismael as the Imam e Gaib (occultation) and the sect of Waqfia came up here only that Imamat has ended.

There was one son of Ismael ibn jafar who was Mohammad ibn Jafar who also declared his own Imamat. Here division happened; one group believed in Imamat of Ismael ibn Jafar and other in the Imamat of Mohammad ibn Ismael. Then in the same manner this went on and various groups were formed. From the second century of Hijri calendar this sect started and has continued till now. Those who believed in the Imamat of Ismael ibn jafar for them Imamat ended there but those who believed in the Imamat of Mohammed ibn Ismael for them it is continuing. Imams will keep on coming from this genealogy. Then various sects came up in this chain and the last name since last 150 years for which they are known as is Agha Khani. This because one of their Imams was from Iran whose name was Agha Khan. His children are also Agha Khan and his followers are Agha Khani. This current Imam, Kareem Agha Khan is the third generation of Agha khan who was his grandfather. They are the same Ismaili who believe in the continuance from Imamat. By belief they say that Imamat is appointed by Allah and the Imam who passes away appoints another Imam as per the will of Allah. They have a complete system of Imamat and have a big infrastructure. Historically this sect has been very interesting whereby they have governed certain regions like Egypt, Africa for several decades like 150 to 200 yrs. in the name of Khalifa e Fatimi. At that time their name was not Agha Khani and now they are known as Agha Khani. They have many other sects like Bohra. They have governed Egypt, Iran, Africa, Central Asia, and India and for several decades they kept on governance and they took over many regions from Abbasids. Both Shia and Sunnis have different views about them; some consider them as Muslims whereas some don’t and even consider them as infidels. One thing that is well established about them is that they don’t believe in the established precepts of religion; their religion is all the inward aspects (Batin). They interpret everything on their own. They do not consider Salaat the way we consider, they consider it as supplication. They interpret Fasting, Hajj in their own manner. They do not believe on any rituals of religion and interpret them in their own way. They do not promote their sect and now they are celebrating the golden Jubilee for their Imam.

The point to be pondered over here is that they are also sequence of Imamat only and at one point they separated and made their own sect. This has happened in history on several occasions, like the Zaidi sect separated on fourth Imam. Similarly the sect of Qaisaniah believed in Imamat of Mohammed Ibn Hanafia after third Imam of Shias and for a long time Amir Mukhtar and his followers belonged to this sect and did not accept Imam Zainul Abideen as their Imam. These sects went on and Abbasids, governments played important roles whereby many sects were made and destroyed. But this Ismaili sect went on and is existing till now. The advertisement that came in the news had this title of Golden Jubilee of sixty years of Imamat. This is a very important point that a group which is spread globally, believing in the system of Imamat and are celebrating Imamat. This is a very beautiful celebration though neither I am supporting them nor criticizing them. I am just presenting a mirror to our Shias that one branch of Shia who accepted Imamat, got associated with it to the extent that they governed for several centuries and even today they are associated with their Imam and their followers. If they are in Pakistan, India and they are present in twenty five countries but are all followers of one Imam, Kareem Agha Khan. What has happened for this sect is that Imamat became a system and not just remained as belief. They also have this belief of Mahdaviat but with their own interpretations. The point which is interesting, to be pondered by Ithna Ashari Shia is that we are followers of twelve Imams and we also believe in Imamat but we don’t see any government from us Shias in history. For Ismaili, in Iran Al Amoot was their capital and they had their government under Hassan Al Saba there for 150 yrs. Then Moghuls, Changez came and destroyed their government. In Egypt and Africa Salah Uddin Ayubi toppled their government. They had a good system of education and welfare established at that time. They continued their Imamat and till date they are under the allegiance of their Imam. They are citizens of every nation where they live but are under the Imamat of their Imam.

But if we see Shiite we don’t see the system of Imamat. This is because Shiite only considered Imamat as a belief not as a system whereas they considered Imamat as a system and continued till date. They do not have any country or a single land governed by them, but are living in various countries. Without any land they have kept their system of Imamat intact as per their school of though. According to us there are no proofs available for their Imamat, they are not correct as per our views but as per them they kept their Imamat protected and living their life under their Imam. They are one big power in the world, and it is due to this system of Imamat. Few months before the Canadian Prime Minister took holidays and went to Paris and spent his holidays with his family in the house of Kareem Agha Khan. You can imagine from this the political influence which Agha Khan has whereby the Prime Minister of second largest country (by geography) visits his home for spending holidays. Whenever Kareem Agha Khan visits any country he is not given the status of an ordinary person; he is given the protocol of some leader of state. He visited Pakistan few times before and Zia ul Haqq himself went to receive him and army protocols were given to them. Even though we don’t believe in them and their Imamat but they are very serious about their Imam and Imamat.  They are serious to this extent that they got their Imamat accepted globally. Their practices are not acceptable like Kareem Agha Khan’s daughter married a Jew and one crisis they have now is that there is no successor to him as he has no son and one who was there got deviated and not worthy of being Imam. His daughter got married to a Jew and her Nikah was recited by a Shia Ithna Ashari scholar which is also interesting.

The Imamat which they adopted they considered that as Imamat only in history and did not change it, remained associated with it, they governed for two centuries and they made a strong set up with that and every country acknowledges them. If you see in Pakistan, one bus of theirs was attacked and in one week the terrorists were arrested, punished and the Pakistani leaders apologized to Kareem Agha Khan that this will not repeat. There are not even more than 2 million but they have big infrastructure and biggest banking systems in Pakistan are from them. The point is that even if it is a fraudulent Imamat it got established to this extent. Kareem Agha Khan has studied from Harvard American University whose syllabus itself is of King Making. This university teaches American Imamat and all the leaders of our state and Army Generals would have done at least a six months course in Harvard. I said to one student in Iran when Moen Qureshi was made as the Prime Minister who was not even a Pakistani by citizenship. He studied from Harvard University and was sent to Pakistan as Prime Minister. I told them you could have at least made one Imam E Jumah for Pakistan. Harvard’s is the seminary of this big devil and they make leaders from there specifically for the Muslim world. The Imamat even though is not correct, they accepted it, implemented it and have been following it without any land, state globally. Agha Khani and Ismaili wherever they are; they are under their Imamat. Whereas for us Shiite we did not allow Imamat to continue; though this spell was broken by Imam Khomeini (r.a). But for us Pakistani we have replacement of Imamat as personality. Shiite gets divided and gathers around personality with all excuse of religion or politics. Today why Shiite is not affiliated, associated with one Imamat because there are personalities in opposition to the Imamat. There are personalities confronting a system. Those who get affiliated with personalities rather than system, then even if they are in majority like in Bahrain, Iraq they could not establish Imamat. If you see Iraq, Bahrain only personalities are see, not the system and similarly before the revolution you can only see personalities in Iran and not system. There were big personalities like Agha Burujerdi, an esteemed, unique personality. The Shiite were gathered around personality whereas the system was that of Imperialism. This was the point that Shia Ithna Ashari should read this advertisement carefully. They are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Imamat and even though for us that Imamat is not valid but they have considered that very seriously. They could have celebrated his eighty years birthday but they are celebrating Imamat. And they received greetings from across the world for the celebration of Imamat. This is how they are making the world subdued to them and against them we are in several millions, with our land with majority but are being bullied by everyone in the world.

In one book which I studied long time back, I don’t remember the name of the author where he compared India and Pakistan. He says that in India system developed whereas in Pakistan personalities developed. In Pakistan as well they do not allow the system to grow but personalities grow. These big and good personalities become an obstacle later for the community.

Personalities if they make systems; like Imam Khomeini (r.a) could have himself become the greatest personalities of the world but he preached, taught and presented the system of Imamat to people. We have a beautiful, evidential Imamat but is there anyone in the world who would understand this system of Imamat; else the Ithna Ashari would have been celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Imamat today. If you see amongst Arabs and in Pakistan see their perception of Imamat and are sitting around whom. In this situation you are imagining the return of imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) whereas you have not even turned towards Imamat. You are sitting around personalities and invoking Imam to return? We have to turn towards Imamat and this celebration is a mirror for us. We pray to Allah to develop his sense, awareness in entire world for Muslims so that they understand the system of Imamat. Even in Ahle Sunnah they also have an established Imamat concept in them. If you want to understand this you can read the views of Late Maulana Maudoodi and not the views of Jamaat e Islami. If you read the thoughts and views of Maulana Maudoodi you will see Imamat everywhere. The same with Allama Iqbal you will see Imamat in his words. It is not that Imamat is sectarian it is a system which is present in all our sects. If Shiite comes out from the personalities and move towards Imamat as system then the standard of Imamat can be raised across the world. The same Mahdaviat, Imamat is what the enemy is afraid of. They want to block the path of reappearance of Imam. As it is mentioned in dua e Ahad that they consider it far but we consider it very near.


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