Political Markaz - Golan Heights announcement by Trump creates tension in Middle East

Golan Heights announcement by Trump creates tension in Middle East

Golan Heights announcement by Trump creates tension in Middle East

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The situation is disturbing in Middle East. Golan Heights in Syria are the mountainous region which Israel has occupied at the time of wars in 1968. The Arabs would attack Israel to free Palestine; but Israel would defeat them and Israel captured certain parts of their land. Sinai dessert went to them, Palestinian lands were occupied, part of Jordan went to Israel and even lands of Lebanon. In Lebanon, Hezbollah has got major lands freed from Israel and only a small village is under Israel. Now Jordan and Syrian territories are under Israel. Golan Heights are strategic points. Damascus is in the range of Golan Heights. UN has declared Israel as usurper and asked them to release Golan Heights. Trump has now accepted Golan Heights as part of Israel. This is a disgraceful step of Trump for all Muslims and specifically for Arabs. Israel who has been declared as usurper by the world, Trump has declared that land as part of Israel.  

The disgrace which Trump and all Arabs have faced, he has taken this step in retaliation. They made forces, and one of them was ISIS. They went inside Syria and Iraq attacked them. They wanted to make a nation there, and move forward. This was American planning which they did not hide. Hilary Clinton wrote a book and she confessed that we have made ISIS. Even if she would not have confessed, then also the world knows. Trump got disgraced historically there along with West, America and Arabs. To come out of that Trump has done this. In Iraq Hashad us Shabi got ISIS completely wiped off and this was with Iran support. In Syria, Iran directly came and many lives were lost. But Russia played a vital role, as the balance shifted in their favor and ISIS got destroyed. There were Kurdish region where Syrian forces and Iran did not interfere. Last week Trump announced that from Syria, the Kurd army completely wiped off ISIS. Everyone knows that it was Iran, Hezbollah who cleared it.  In Afghanistan, the Taliban are not allowing ISIS to establish their feet. Iran is also interested in this, Pakistan also wants this and Russia is putting full investment for ISIS to not establish feet. Trump started this drama that ISIS was finished in Syria by Kurdistan. Now by accepting Golan pat of Israel is a lowly act.  

For Golan, Hezbollah has done the planning. One part of Golan is with Israel and other part is with Hezbollah and they have plans to get freedom for Golan Heights. Hezbollah has complete plan to do this ad hence Trump announced this. With Golan coming to Hezbollah, they will come in commanding position. Since Golan is Syria, they can start a legal war anytime and ask for help anytime. There is a lot of discussion going between Syria and Russia. Russia is ready to support Syria. And Syrian force will not fight a decisive war and Hezbollah has supported them. In order to save this attack from Hezbollah, Trump has announced this. The Arabs are the most treacherous and Trump declaring Golan as Israel territory was due to this treachery. This step of Trump will become the basis that Golan will get released. Hezbollah was waiting for some excuse to get Golan Heights back from Israel.  

Israel has presented the vision of Iron Dome across the country for defense and this dome will protect entire Israel. This is an anti-missile system of Israel which can destroy any missile attack done from anywhere. But Hezbollah and Gaza has exposed them; that this was just a spider web and not Iron dome. Hezbollah has formally made their drones reached Tel Aviv and near their atomic plants. Gaza has launched rockets and it reached Tel Aviv. Now Israeli minister has announced, that do not be afraid, that these missiles will come and you will get used to it. They have assured their people, that not even a bird can break this, but the drone went and took pics and came up, the rockets of Gaza attacked them. Hence they are sure that they can get freedom for Golan Heights, hence there are preparations from both side. 

America has prepared Ale Saud to attack Iran before Hezbollah attacks Golan. Who will take the first step, needs to be seen. Hezbollah is completely ready but Bin Salman has not announced whether he can do this or not. In Yemen it has been proven that he cannot do this. The Yemenis are normal people, but since 4 yrs he was not successful and now Bin Salman is being prepared to attack Iran who has fought for 8 yrs and they have strong forces of IRGC, Baseej and then they have their own defense production. This battle is damaging for all. The war experts can prophesize that if Bin Salman does this foolishness, then it would be half day war. It will take the same time for this war which was between Amr bin Abdawood and Ali. The children of Abdawood cannot withstand more than this. The entire dependency of Bin Salman is on the 39 countries forces in which not even 39 forces are there. Even if they come, then also the rented forces cannot fight with the forces of faith. This is the situation in Middle East. 

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