Political Markaz - Gilgit Baltistan Hanging for their status

Gilgit Baltistan Hanging for their status

Gilgit Baltistan Hanging for their status

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In another event in Pakistan the FATA agencies were made part of provinces and they got provincial status. The government took a good step after seventy years due to which all the national rights would be available to the people of FATA region but unfortunately these people do not even know what these rights are. Those who are living in provinces they are also not aware about the rights. In Pakistan the subject of rights is total suspended. You will never listen in media the discussion of rights for the provinces. They will never talk about the rights of citizens or in religious centers, lectures, mosques the rights of people are never being mentioned. They come out with rods instead of rights on the stage to attack. The come on the stage and say I will tear, I will kill, and I will cut to pieces. Then in his reply another will come and challenge him. This is the religion and state of religion which they have made then who will express rights? The citizens should be aware of their rights but this is not present even in our education syllabus of any school, college. Hence no one knows what the rights of citizen in constitution are. The people of FATA region should be first aware as to what is their rights and then legally they should strive for acquisition of those rights specifically the Shia believers who are living in these agencies like Parachinar, Orakzai. They have already suffered a lot due to elections and now as a student I am requesting them as per their local opinion they should select one representative and send him to parliament. They should not contest with each other for Allah’s sake and fight with each other, do not repeat what has happened before.

The government has passed a special order for Gilgit Baltistan which is not a province and neither part of any province. It carries no such provincial status. There is a difference between FATA agencies and Gilgit Baltistan as Gilgit Baltistan is considered as part of Kashmir and Kashmir is disputed between India and Pakistan. The region which is known as Free Kashmir in Pakistan is not part of the Pakistani state, instead it carries the status of being a separate state. Their Parliament, CM, leader is different hence similarly Gilgit Baltistan should have also been given the status of a separate region and they also would have authority over there. Though they say Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir are same but they have made them as such a floating thing in air which has nothing above them and under their feet in last seventy years. Now the last government which passed a notification that they have made a parliament and a council was made at a regional level and some local, limited rights were given to this council. This means this was just a trap and not really a status. This was just an occupancy given to them so that they don’t remain free.

As elections are being done by everyone and there were no elections in Gilgit Baltistan. And our temperament is such that if there are no elections we consider our lives as suspended and better to leave the land where is no election. That life which seemed purposeless to them; they were also told that you should fulfill your purpose and contest elections. But after contesting elections they have no members in the provincial assembly, in parliament and there is no representative from center to them or from them to the center. They did not even had the authority like that of FATA region. Now the government has passed one more ordinance whereby they have changed the status of that council and the government there, they have increased the judiciary limits. They did not make it a province, they did not make it a part of any province also. The KPK region people are claiming that Gilgit Baltistan should be attached to our province. The Hazara province say they belong to us as it joins to mountains. This is also related to Gilgit Baltistan. The government has passed an order, but this is a gradual policy.

There is sensitivity towards Gilgit Baltistan as CPEC passes through Gilgit Baltistan and India is claimant that it is a disputed land and there should not be any route passing through such land and if they do we will challenge this in international organizations which India is doing as well. India has kept Pakistan and China under pressure as to why CPEC is passing through this Gilgit Baltistan as this is disputed land though India is doing everything in their disputed land of Kashmir. Now also India has done strong protest about this new order and they want to challenge this in international organizations. India is also displeased with the order which the PM has given in the last days related to Gilgit Baltistan. America is also displeased with Pakistan and Gilgit Baltistan people are also unhappy with the new order and they are also protesting. Those who are happy, pleased is the past government which has passed the order, rest all political parties have rejected this order. The order is also such that it will take several years for people there to understand as to what this order is mentioning. They have passed such confused orders which people could not understand and they remain entangled. This is the situation in Gilgit Baltistan because there are many interested in this region and many have eyes on this region from outside and inside the country. There is a lot of anxiety in the people of Gilgit Baltistan also. Since there is a big community of believers there, we pray to Allah to protect them from all calamities and May Allah grant them sense so that they can live their lives in accordance with religion.

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