Political Markaz - Ghouta – The last encounter

Ghouta – The last encounter

Ghouta – The last encounter

Mar 16,2018 Comments Download

In Syria also the situation is different. Since the battle in Syria is quite fundamental and it will take time to get the final result. America has tried all possible efforts to keep the terrorists alive in Syria but their back has been broken in Syria. Since long an issue is going on about the city of Ghouta which is adjacent to Damascus. This town was under the control of Jibhat al Nusra and other terrorist groups who were getting support from Turkey. This was their biggest front and Syrian army with their alliance has taken the control of Ghouta from them and the terrorists have been killed in big numbers. On this killing of terrorists Pakistan has expressed a lot of sympathy with terrorists from certain Islamic groups. They had programs and protests for the killings of terrorists. They have this much sympathy with terrorists. Anywhere in the world terrorist are killed these people feel the pain as to why the terrorists are killed. They made so much noise and gave a suggestion that Pakistan should create a special force that should go to protect Ghouta. Many Pakistanis have gone also to save Ghouta. The picture of one Pakistani also came that he got out from Ghouta but the point is what was he doing there and what other Pakistani’s are doing there and why their supporters are yelling so much. They have made so much chaos over here for these terrorists which is very wrong. Whatever attempts they have made to succumb Shiite Allah has given more honor, dignity to Shiite.

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