Political Markaz - Forty children killed in Yemen and drama of media

Forty children killed in Yemen and drama of media

Forty children killed in Yemen and drama of media

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The second incident which took place was in Yemen, though everyday brutal killing has been going on. Last week they did aggressive attacks twice; one was on the Hudaydah city and second was yesterday’s painful event where they did aerial attack on a school bus and killed 40 young children. The entire world is silent and no one expressed grief on it. The entire world remains silent on this. In last month, an incident happened in Thailand, whereby a private football team of students went to suburbs of Thailand, and they got stuck in a cave due to rains. They stayed there for one week in that state. The entire world prayed for them day and night; they sent help, divers, the Red Crescent teams were sent from different nations and eventually that football team came out safe. The rescue experts from other countries came and got the team with their coach out. Then there were columns written, films released, documentaries made, photographers went there, they were shown sympathy, funds were collected for their health, future education.


This is the world in which such a drama takes place. A football team became victim of an event and they were protected and this drama of human sympathy was seen. But in Yemen 40 to 50 children became victim and got cut into pieces. But no doctor went, no one prayed for them. This is the media impacted world whose mind has been made such by the media. This media has such high sympathy for football players but for these children of Yemen they did not condemn Ale Saud. From Pakistan there was no statement. These people who jump in everything; why don’t they speak here? There was not a single statement of sympathy expressed for them. This is a painful thing. As I said earlier; in Quetta if there is an attack on political gathering they are termed as martyrs, but in the same city when Shias are martyred they title them as assassinated. This hard hearted media, their tongues pain to call Shias as martyrs. They openly write that so many Shias were assassinated in Quetta. Shias are always killed, assassinated but a politician if he gets killed on motorcycle he is martyred. Such kind of beastly atmosphere is there and such cruel people are living in this world.

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