Political Markaz - Formula for Shias to secure themselves from terrorism in Pakistan

Formula for Shias to secure themselves from terrorism in Pakistan

Formula for Shias to secure themselves from terrorism in Pakistan

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Peshawar attack last week in a Shia Mosque during Friday prayers was a tragic incident which has aggrieved everyone and not just Shias only. The Ahle Sunnat, scholars and even Christian expressed high grief on this. The politicians also for the first time condemned and the government has also condemned. There are few incidents which effect the entire nation and this incident did that. There are several dimensions and everyone needs to be attentive on this. One is that Shias are always a target for this. From Quetta to Parachinar there is no Shia settlement that is secure. We need to see this topic if Shias can adapt any plan for their protection. As they have to live in this country so can they just leave themselves at the mercy of the governments? They take some steps but are not effective. They try to enter government, political parties so that they can get protection. But till date no plan has worked out. Is there no practical plan which the Shias of Pakistan can adapt? Or there is which needs attention?

The Shias have always been under pressure. And since a Shia government is in Iran the pressure on them is the most in history as compared to any other states. There is no other government under so much pressure globally. Taliban has been given Afghanistan they also don’t have any pressure only thing is they are not getting aid. The only country under extreme pressure is Iran just because they are Shias. In history as well we see Shias always under pressure. In this history Shia has not remained lost. When they were less then also they expressed their existence in a full way. A time would come where they would get dispersed and the governments of Banu Abbas and Banu Umayyah would get dominance over them. There is no history for Shias present in Pakistan and we have not made any arrangement for getting the history of Shias done. There is no such book as well which can inherit to our generations.

Shias after the Imam Hassan (a) government came under extreme pressure. The Shias were being suppressed with full power. Banu Umayyah got dominance over entire Muslim states and they started to practically suppress Shias. Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, Bushr ibn Abi Artat who were specially trained as beasts to crush Shias like insects. Hajjaj alone did massive cruelty. During this era when there was severe pressure on Shias then Yazid came into power by breaking the covenant done by his father Muawiya with Imam Hassan (a). All remained silent but Imam Hussain (a) raised voice and at the same time Shias also denied the government of Yazid. They were not in less number; they were present all over. Banu Umayyah kept them under such pressure that in decisive stages as well they did not come out in the field. They did covenant with Imam Hussain (a) but still did not come out. Then Karbala took place and this power of Shia was present. After Imam Hussain (a) they expressed their presence. First was the uprising of Tawabeen and made a force of 12,000 and out of them 4000 got martyred. Then Mukhtar ibn Saqafi came and established his governance and punished the killers of Imam Hussain. They could have stopped the killers of Imam Hussain even before and punished them but they did not do it. All this happened after three years of Karbala. Then after this with breaks these uprisings were happening. There would be an era where Shias were not to be seen but then a time would come where Shias would come out with full power. The Tawwabeen would have been successful if they did not develop differences amongst them. Mukhtar and Soleiman got into disputes and only 4000 were left with Soleiman who came out in the field and all got killed.  Mukhar preserved his forces, the way Kufa preserved themselves. All these were present during the era of Imam Hussain (a) but they did not come out in the field and took time. They expressed their presence in a way to change the situation and went to peak, again rebellion started within Mukhtar’s forces.

Even after Mukthar the power of Shias was present and expressed their presence over time. The son of Imam Sajjad, Zaid bin Ali started uprising with full power. Then Nafs e Zakiya started uprising. The most powerful force of Shias was of Abu Muslim Khorasani and all his force was Shias. He also raised the slogan of revenge of Karbala and took the name of Imams to gather forces. He finished off Banu Umayyah and killed Marwan. The government was made by Abu Muslim for Banu Abbas. They had power to make government. Mukhtar made his own government and Abu Muslim made and gave to Banu Abbas. This means the power that was within Shias got sometimes used and sometimes not . But whenever they were used during the era of Imams, it was used for whom. This was not used for Imams or very less.

The power of Shias have been present, sometimes unitedly they came forward, sometimes they went underground and even today Shias are not less. This one-sided slaughtering which is being done and for the sake of sympathy others speak is not because they don’t have power. In Lebanon Shias were doing the same what Christians do in Pakistan, that is lowly labor work for cleaning. Then these Shias got leadership of Imam Musa Sadr. That leadership did not make them fight election but instead awakened them and gave them direction. Under that leader the Shias got some sense and turned into an Ummah. The same Shias were present but only they were lifted from that labor and they got turned into the most powerful force of Middle East. This was done by Mukhtar, Abu Muslim, Abbas Moosavi, Imam Musa Sadr. In Iran also there were big number of Shias but this power was being used for America, Israel then they got leaders which gave them direction and today they became a world power.

In history you will see both the styles of Shias. One era where they are found as weak and other is where they came into power and fought big encounters. In India the Shias are not less, if they leave the Taqlid of Modi, Yogi and follow the model of Imam Hussain, they can become decisive for Muslims in India, but they are not in that mood. In Afghanistan the Shias are a big power and in one era this power was dispersed. All the Quetta believers are from Afghanistan, when they got suppressed they migrated. They have big presence in northern Indian as well. Whenever the Shias have shown weakness they suffered a big loss, and when they came out they achieved a lot.

In Pakistan the Shias are not less , but unless they get rid off the issues which they have created by their own hands they cannot change. Today Shias in Pakistan are just voters of Secular parties, Shia enemy parties, frauds and power-hungry candidates. The brokers of these voters who sell Shia votes at the time of election as to whom they should give. Are Shias weak in Gilgit Baltistan? They cannot win elections there. If you want to leave your ideology of Wilayat and contest elections then at least preserve your power. You lose your power and then fall in the feet of others to solve your problems. If you become a political power and a suggestion I gave before as well  as elections will take place there. They should not do elections instead make a council in both Parachinar and Gilgit Baltistan. They should write the names of candidates and council should decide the representatives and send to parliament. If the candidate fails to deliver then the council can send another representative. They should preserve their power but not a single Gilgit Balti is ready to even listen. They can become such power instead of being in the laps of enemies of Shias. If they are strong then non one can have courage to touch them. If you want to get into politics then make a policy by which they do not get dispersed. They can do this across the country. Politics is not my subject and I am just telling this for those who have this thinking, so that as per your thinking you can also become organized and remain strong. But now you are busy to weaken each other to the extent that no one is reluctant to kill you, no one punishes your enemy.

The Paigam e Pakistan document says that there is no room for sectarianism. There are 2500 scholars who have signed that no one can be termed as infidel and the same person releases a clip that Shias are infidels. This document is present and can be made as a source. The message of Pakistan did not become law. This is strange that they give importance to document but do not make it law in court and define this to police to arrest them. They have just made a moral document. Those criminals should be caught as per this document. You will see how many criminals are there and sitting in which positions without any veils. The government is keeping a friendly relationship with them.

So Shias for their protection should take lesson from history that when you got united you changed the map of world, even under Imamat and even outside Imamat. If the army of Soleiman and Mukhtar would be in Karbala, then Banu Umayyah would have been eradicated forever and it would be a decisive battle but due to absence of Shias this did not happen. And the same people came out and continuously this was happening. When you desire yourself, you unite to take a decisive step, but when you are not in mood, the Imams keep on calling but you remain untouched. Imam Sadiq (a) says I am not even getting 17 persons to start an uprising. This was the era when Abu Muslim Khorasani had formed a big army which ousted Banu Umayyah form power and got Banu Abbas into power. Imam Sadiq is searching for  17 and this Shia is fighting a big battle. When you have no intention to do anything, then despite of being in millions you live a life like this. This is not the rights of Shias. The current generation of Shia should grasp this. If in the past they have not done may Allah forgive them. This generation should not do like that. They should create an environment amongst themselves. Ther is no comparison between your power and history. If you develop sense then you can defend and protect everything.

The group which has become enemies of Shias are two forces. One is Yazidi force and second is the one worse then Yazid’s forces. The Yazid forces can do maximum what they did in Peshawar, that is to take lives of Shias. The other internal Yazidi force sits on pulpits and creates discords, takes them away from leadership, system of Imamat. In Kufa 18000 joined Muslim and within few minutes they got dispersed with the same vision as in Pakistan today. That Muslim ibn Aqil is not an infallible so we cannot rise with him. They left Muslim ibn Aqil isolated alone. This is also a face of Shias. When they desire they fight decisive battle and defeat, but when they get dispersed they cannot give protection to even themselves

The Shias are not les sin Pakistan, they should get salvation from the army of this second force of worse then Yazid and this is the reason the force of Yazid gets opportunity. That second force is worse than Yazid and is playing with your beliefs and this force is the basic reason for your weakness. This generation should get rid of this force. We should do no confidence against them.  I am not saying take arms against them, which I have never said and will not say as well.  The No confidence is a very big card. If this is used properly it is a big power. First do no confidence on the army worse then Yazid who is misguiding Shias. Why Imam hussian became isolated? Because these internal forces were not allowing Shias to come out of Kufa. This force got Imam  Hussain in the jaws of Yazid. First we have to defeat this force and believers should do no confidence on them completely. We should not give pulpits, no fees, no opportunity to them. They will misguide you and arouse your enemies against you. This no confidence should be done by people. They say first ulama should sit, this is nonsense. The Ulama’s had big organizations and they were all united in TNFJ. They were all united under Wefaq ul Ulama, later they got dispersed. What did they do unitedly? You say first ulama should do this, then this and then people will come out which is not at all the solution. The people should not at all trust these forces worse than Yazid. This means do not allow them to mount pulpit and not allow them to break the ranks of Shias, then Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and entire Pakistan remains recure. Then no one can even stare at Shias. Some rowdies speak filth and the Paigam e Pakistan makers should arrest them and get them punished. They all want peace but don’t want to stop. To defend this is the formula.

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