Political Markaz - First time in 70 years the tone of Pakistan changes against America

First time in 70 years the tone of Pakistan changes against America

First time in 70 years the tone of Pakistan changes against America

Jun 25,2021 Comments Download

PM Khan gave interview to American organization in which he was questioned whether you are going to give air bases to America against Afghanistan. The PM replied “Absolutely Not”. This statement became a top headline because no one was expecting that such kind of reply would be given by Pakistan to America. Last week also the news came that CIA chief William Burns was refused to meet by the PM. I mentioned if this has happened then this is something very good and I told that if he has not done then should do it. So now he has said in interview that we will not give air base to Pakistan. This is a slap on the face of American. I cannot guarantee that America will not achieve their interests because the relation is such between Pakistan and America. But this kind of tone was a desire of Pakistan that America should be replied in this language the way Venezuela, China, Russia, Cuba and Iran does. This desire of Pakistanis were fulfilled by America. This is historic that in 70 years no one dared to talk to America in this tone and not one even Generals did this which the PM did. Apart from this many topics were mentioned by the PM. The Anchor used to drag the PM about Ugyur Muslims in China. The West is portraying this a lot that oppression is being done on these Muslims by China. The anchor wanted to drag our PM on this issue that you speak in favor of Palestine but you od not speak about China. First he replied diplomatically that this news is not true, we have asked China and they have denied and third point is we don’t talk about China openly we do in close room. Then PM said that you do not feel the pain about Kashmir Muslims. What I am saying now is that how come America has become a supporter of Muslims in China but they are enemies of Muslims everywhere else.

We have to be aware that in interviews and speeches there are no policies of state. These are just talks for public and not strategy. This is a method of politicians that they talk different in front of media but when they are in Cabinet they talk something else. This is democracy. Hence in interviews there are no national policies discussed, which are done in table talk negotiations. It looks like when our PM is sitting in interview he feels like a hero and talks, but when he visits negotiations meet, he is different. There is only one person Syed Ali Khamenei who speaks the same everywhere. He says whatever I speak in public is my policy, strategy and everything. This condemnation to America in interview has only this much worth that it remains in public and has no value other than this.

Dr Moeed Yusuf of Security council looks like a capable person. One American senator told to American President that for Afghanistan you have not taken Pakistan in confidence. In reply to this Dr Moeed said that we are not waiting for the call of anyone, as we don’t need them, they need us. This tone is very much desired if this continues. Our relationship is such in past that two days Pakistan will talk tough then later soften so that some deal is done with America.

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