Political Markaz - Fironic plan for India but Maulana’s lack “Gairat” even to the extent of film actors

Fironic plan for India but Maulana’s lack “Gairat” even to the extent of film actors

Fironic plan for India but Maulana’s lack “Gairat” even to the extent of film actors

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Two major acts are taking place together in India and entire world is silent. Some small individual level voices are being raised or at lower level government officials from somewhere speak. But formally there is no one at state level trying to stop this. In India since the time Modi made government, the ground was being prepared for Muslim genocide. The emotions were being raised with hate speeches, the hatred was growing and now it is reaching its final state. If you remember the sermons of 2 to 3 years back I have predicted that this would happen and this stage would come and it has reached now.

A gathering was done in India officially where there were government authorities and religious leaders of Hindus and they invited Indian Hindus to buy weapons to assassinate Muslims. They called for making groups , gather weapons and wherever you find Muslims kill them. First they were proposing three options; one was to leave India and go to Pakistan; then second option they kept was to leave Islam and become Hindus if you want to stay in India. When these two did not work the third option is to prepare for dying. Either leave Islam, India or wash off your hands from life. They have announced now for the third stage. It is not that if this announcement was not done this would not happen. We have predicted this before as well because groups have been made. The government indirectly has supported this incident, by showing reluctance in booking cases.

The second thing which they have done is about placing Muslim women for sales on internet. These are prominent Muslim ladies whose pictures have been posted. This is not found anywhere in the world. This is the map for Indian Muslims same as done by Pharoah, where he would kill their men and make their women as slaves for lust. This is the imperialistic system made by Modi which is going to repeat the Fironic era. They have formally announced both these acts.

There are some groups in India who have given request to Modi to classify them as non-Muslims. Some personalities are those who are not ready to accept that all this is happening in India. You can see the media and see even non-Muslims are saying that this is about to happen. The famous film actor Naseeruddin Shah has said this is leading to a civil war. The Indian Maulana ais not having this much Gairat like that of this actor who has lived in the film world of corruption, his conscience has not died and is trying to awaken the Muslims. This map of killing men and defaming women is going now here conscience of actors have aroused but Maulanas are still dead. Since you have not left Islam then they are ready to kill Muslims.

I am not saying that Muslims are ready to get killed. The Muslims should learn from Sikh on how they have kept India under pressure. Modi was visiting Punjab and was not allowed to cross the bridge with Sikh protests and had to return. The Sikhs got farmer laws withdrawn and now they are doing referendum for independence of Sikhs internationally. The Sikhs are 2 million and they are protesting. So will the 200 million remain silent and not defend yourself? They will do and since you have made your land as India, so should not neither run from India, nor be prepared to die but instead live a life of dignity. To live a life of dignity is the only path of Hussain. The Shias and Sunnis should take the flag of dignity in their hands and live a life of dignity else the conspiracy plans are very high in India.

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