Political Markaz - FATA merger with KPK

FATA merger with KPK

FATA merger with KPK

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In the same political instability in Pakistan and the non-serious politics that is going on there has been some serious work also done. A decision has been made to merge FATA (Federally Administered Tribal area) into Khyber Pakhtoon Khan. FATA are those areas, agencies of Pakistan which are not under the control of Pakistan. They were made non provincial territories or free regions by British before the formation of Pakistan. This is the area on the border of Afghanistan and is neither part of Afghanistan and nor of India of that time. The British made this region where Tribes were settled. The British armed these tribes so that they can take care of the Afghanistan border. When Pakistan was made and this region became part of Pakistan still there was no formal government control on this region. There was no intervention by Pakistan in this region where there would be police stations, courts, education system, government department, the rights which others have these people should also have were not given to them. The tribal chiefs were given money and the region was controlled through them. The region has been deprived of basis amenities. FATA is a unique case in Pakistan. There is no other country which has made a strange, isolated land in their own country. This land of strangers was made on the border of Pakistan. The government would keep one representative there but he would also not go there, instead stay in Peshawar and operate through agents in these agencies. This is the reason that this area has been a victim of backwardness and no development took place, there was no education, welfare work done. This area remained completely backward and the biggest loss that took place was that this area became a den of terrorism. During Afghan war this region was used and dens were made, later the terrorists controlled this region. Now the Pakistani forces are carrying out operations to clean up this area from terrorists. One attempt they were making and which they have announced is that this region should be considered as part of Pakistan and does not remains as a strange land. It should become a division of the Khyber Pakhtoon Khan province. The national assembly elections were taking place there before and their candidates would contest but now provincial elections will also take place there. Those people who were settled in these agencies now they have got double activities. First they had only national assembly elections but now they have provincial as well. For provincial assembly there are more seats as compared to national assembly which would have one seat but for provincial multiple seats would be there.

If we look from national security perspective this is a good decision and should have been done much before whereby the people there would have got all the same rights as others, there would be government intervention, courts and all government laws would get applied. There were no courts over there; there were tribal groups who would issue strange verdicts on disputes. If someone does crime, his uncle’s house would be burned. This was the tribal law but now the courts will get established and all the rights which a citizen gets they will get. But this will take time and for them also to leave their tribal habits and get acquainted with the culture of settled area will also take time. In the settled areas also it will take time to consider them as their part. The tribal area has become a civilization on its own and for them to get merged with these areas takes time.

There is also a secondary aspect to this whereby in these agencies in big numbers Shia population is settled. In Orakzai there are Shias and in Kurram Agency there is a big population settled. It is evident when this merger will take place, rights would be given then a new ground will open. When new departments will be formed, new positions would be distributed, new opportunities will come up and everyone has the rights. But what happened in Parachinar whereby the believers inflicted blows on each other. Now when this division takes place the believers should not confront each other instead all believers unitedly should fight for their rights and not confront each other. If they want to send representatives in assemblies then they should do this as per their old system. I told this to Parachinar also that instead of all candidates contesting with each other, you make a list and give everyone opportunity one by one; some in national assembly, some in provincial assembly. This way without elections one person will win as there is no competition. This way the sedition that takes place amongst each other, hatred that gets developed and the side effects of Pakistani elections should not take place there. As these areas are sensitive and when disputes, conflicts takes place there it is not limited to words only it takes the shape of a war. May Allah protect all of them.

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