Political Markaz - Eyeing on helplessness of Pakistan in an exchange deal

Eyeing on helplessness of Pakistan in an exchange deal

Eyeing on helplessness of Pakistan in an exchange deal

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Eyeing on helplessness of Pakistan in an exchange deal

He has eyed on Pakistan because he has knowledge of the difficulties of current government. From the time the current government was formed; in the lust of power they did not understand how to manage economic affairs, how to run the nation and what challenge it is to run the government. Now after 5 years they say that we have a tough time, issues are lot and again elections are to be done and went to this extent of abusing that under 18 should not listen to parliamentarians speeches.

Now when they went on every door, friend, non-friendly, to IMF, global finance institutions and they all knew what kind of people they are, and what their economy situation is. If such a power, potential gets into trouble, is trapped then others knows how to use them. This happens that one when landlord had a problem with one small plot, but then he lost all his plots of land, assets and he became an employee somewhere later as he was robbed of everything. The entire world knows the potential of Pakistan. It is country with 230 M Muslim population, with a powerful army, nuclear strength, youths and this potential nation is trapped under economy and the government is insane who does not know what to do.

his potential was under the eye of China, they took the step and got this potential under them. It was good for Pakistan, though the economy benefits with China were more and less for Pakistan but politically it was highly favorable for Pakistan. Now those agreements will end with China as MBS is coming as an alternative to China. 

The friendship with China will practically end with MBS coming here. It is American policy to definitely disconnect China from Pakistan. Trump has to fight with China and he has to separate the friends of China from them and they want to use the potential of Pakistan against China.  

The way our rulers are singing songs that 20 b $ is coming with MBS. This is foolishness that this person who has burnt every land where he stepped in. Did he solve the problems of Yemen, Syria, and Iraq so he will solve your problem? This person will come here to solve your problems? He is coming to destroy all your plans, to break your relation with China, to develop mistrust with China.

This will have significant impact on Pakistan. He is coming with 20 b $ to buy what against this? What is he asking for in return? He is asking for all your strengths, he is going to ask all your potential, all your lands, he wants your nuclear bomb to attack Iran, he wants your forces on rent to fight in Yemen. He has announced that I am at war with Imam Mahdi; when he was asked if he is ready to speak to Iran. He said that I will take this battle inside Iran. This incident which took place in Zahedan and he is coming here will be linked by Iranians. 

There was a big headline in newspapers that this is not a plan to involve Pakistan in Yemen war. This is eyewash, that person who is in big trouble internally and in the world, is coming with money here for what? You have become blind with the glittering of money, whose every Rial is red with the blood of oppressed. This money will cause destruction which it did in past also and now also the money that is coming will destroy Pakistan. An unsuccessful person looks at all possible ways to come out. If you ask prostitute why they do flesh trading; they also say they were helpless, nothing to eat, no one to support and this is the excuse. 


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