Political Markaz - Extremism on Muslims in India can pave way for new Pakistan

Extremism on Muslims in India can pave way for new Pakistan

Extremism on Muslims in India can pave way for new Pakistan

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A most serious incident of this region is about India. The government in India is extremist who raises the slogan of Hinduism and considers India as a country of Hindus and are doing enmity with Muslims and attacking Muslims on regular basis. As part of their enmity they are completely trying to end the Islamic identity of Muslims. There are many cities and town in India which were developed by Muslims and the Hindu extremist groups are changing its name. One famous city which you can say was the seed of formation of Pakistan, where Allama Iqbal gave his sermon as well. This was Allahabad and its name has been changed to Prayagraj. The name of Allahabad comes up very often and specifically when the name of Pakistan comes. In Gujrat they want to change the name of Ahmedabad which is an important city. They have changed the names of multiple places which had Muslim names. They have changed the names and identity of Muslim architecture. They are exerting a lot of pressure on Muslims.

In U.P they converted one family to Hindu by paying them and then they promoted it a lot. They have shown them doing worship of Hindu idols. The women did not accept there. This kind of strange activities are going on in India. In India the Muslims have strengthened it and gave India an identity. India was a very weak country and everyone used to invade it and it was Muslims who strengthened India. From the time Muslims came to India, it became a power else first its doors were open for everyone to invade. The Muslim rulers constructed India with rulers like Sher Shah Suri. The development which has taken place in India the Muslims have played a big role in that. Even today also the historic places they have are all made by Muslims. At present they want to change the names of Historic places to destroy the Muslim identity. Though this is not just limited to changing the names of places. They have changed the names of Faizabad, Allahabad and similarly other places. In reality they want to change the identity of Muslims. There are more Muslims in India then Pakistan. In such a big Muslims populated country they are doing this. In other countries the number of Muslims are less whereas hear they are big. They are doing all this to change the identity of Muslims and God forbid they want Muslims to change and become Hindus.

It will not happen though because whenever a community comes under pressure to change their religion then instead of changing their religion they change their living land. The way it has happened before and Pakistan was made. This was because of all this only. When the Muslims at that time felt the same pressure they created their own nation, Pakistan. It looks like to me that a new Pakistan is going get formed in India. The kind of pressure they are putting on Muslims, they are trying to change the identity of Muslims, they are troubling them, making them feel insecure and this at the end will pursue Muslims to demand and get oriented to get their own free country and establish our system and live as Muslims. When you kill them for buying cow, for eating meat; you are changing the names of town and then at the end limits will cross. These were those patient Muslims who at that time of partition decided to stay there. They have tolerated this for seventy years but when all limits are exceeded, then any Muslims irrespective of any sect will not sacrifice his religion for ease, comfort and change his religion or leave under pressure to adopt Hindu religion. This is a grievous situation and even in UN, India is on top of the list countries where religious freedom is not there for religious minorities specifically Muslims. There was pressure on Christians before but now all pressure has come on Muslims. The other communities like Sikhs were under pressure before but now all pressure is on Muslims.

This is because enmity with Muslims is an essential part of this current government which they fuel in every possible manner. At this time in India big dangers can take birth for Muslims in India, riots can happen since elections are close now and after few months there will be elections in India for formation of new government. This current government of BJP has been formed on this basis only. The government of Narendra Modi has been formed previously on the basis of riots, Muslim enmity, sectarianism and communal hatred. The more the enmity they raise against Muslims their politics is that they will become successful in gaining power. On the other hand the Muslims are also not united; the situation is like Pakistan only and might be worse than here. The sects are all different and they have no proximity amongst each other. In fact they consider an honor to visit Hindu temples but visiting each other’s mosques as prohibited. They title each other as Kafir but show unity with Hindus. They go to temples and carry out worships like Hindus. This is the way they are answering the Hindus. They do not have place for each other in their hearts. It happens at times when we can see some beautiful scenes where Shias and Sunnis unitedly carry out some procession and convention. There is a big difference in the state of Muslims in Pakistan and in India. In Pakistan they are all Muslims who are creating problems for each other but in India if they create difficulties for each other than the third majority has dangerous conspiracy for Muslims. If the Shias and Sunni’s confront with each other than Hindus will take full advantage of this.

The Hindus are provoked a lot and you can see on internet where prejudicial Hindus are sitting. There is a video where a Hindu lady is sitting in their meeting and doing such a hatred speech against Muslims, Quran and Prophet. She is provoking the Hindus against Muslims in such a manner that if a Hindu listens to it he will never forgive a Muslim. Then at the end the party members praise her with medal. This provocation is going on very severely in India. This is the month of Rabi ul Awwal, the month of Milad of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and it is the best time for Muslims to come closer to each other. They can come together to express unity and solidarity. Wherever the seeds of discord has been placed in India, Pakistan than in this month the scholars, organization should play a big role so that Allah can protect Muslims across the globe from these tyrants and specifically the Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir and others. 

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