Political Markaz - Extreme instability in Pakistan and People’s silence

Extreme instability in Pakistan and People’s silence

Extreme instability in Pakistan and People’s silence

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The second issue is the political instability in Pakistan, which is increasing day by day and extremism is increasing day by day. The inflation is increasing like storm and every commodity is getting out of reach. Every day when we read in newspaper and feel afraid as to what will happen.

First it was the poor who were suffering but now rich people are also being treated the same. The patients of insulin who need this for their survival and is given free in many countries, but they increase the prices of such essential life saving medicines on day basis. Even those who do good jobs are not able to afford medicines. The economic recession is ongoing day by day and political instability is also on its peak.

On 25th July which is the anniversary for governments ruling party when they won and came in power. They celebrated this yesterday and opposition declared as a black day. This party came with utmost efforts to come in power. And when they came in power, they adopted a unique style. The government is celebrating, the opposition party is doing a black party. In between the people are the third party but what the people are doing is not known? Whether they are happy or commemorating this day as mourning, since there are no expressions from people.

There are no people’s reaction and they are just spectators waiting to know what will happen with them tomorrow. They are not worried about what happened with them today and are just looking at what will come to them tomorrow. The people have become unconscious. The opposition are doing strikes, and making issues serious. They have made attempts to change Senate chairman. The government is further fueling these issues and the tone is becoming stern for opposition and the opposition is also taking a hard approach.

The people remain unconcerned and they read the statements of both sides, as to what one has said to other and what reply has come. Then they appreciate who made better statement. In other words, the people are everyday watching and giving scores and ratings. The people will say today so and so bashed this minister or today this minister has bashed the opposition. The people just like to do this only. We don’t know where all this will end.

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