Political Markaz - Erdogan witnesses signs of downfall in municipal elections

Erdogan witnesses signs of downfall in municipal elections

Erdogan witnesses signs of downfall in municipal elections

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In Turkey, after the peak of Erdogan, his political downfall has started. In the municipal elections, in three big cities the Erdogan party has been defeated and his opponents have won. This is big thing for him. Turkey is a strategic country politically, geographically, economically. It carries a weightage with Muslim world, with Europe and is a member of NATO.

Erdogan did a specific politics, he got success to some extent but now his downfall is starting. The Turkish currency is falling, their interference in Syria and Kurdish issues and in all this situation he got some defeat in Municipal elections, which is a warning bell. He is a clever person and to change this situation what next step he takes needs to be seen. 

Turkey and America are in conflict, as they have adopted the policy like India. India is also a clever country who wants to take benefits from the situation. The Pakistani rulers look for opportunities to slip and fall. India is opportunist and Turkey has adopted the same policy. Indian politics has not allowed to sit in the laps of any one power. They take advantage from America, Israel, Arabs and even Iran.

Turkey is an American bloc, part of NATO but they are buying weapons and war systems from Russia. Israel has attacked Syria with American systems and Russian systems countered it from Syria. The Russian system is more powerful in defense then America. Turkey has purchased the same system which was used by Russia in Syria. America has canceled the supply of F fighter jets. Turkey is enemy of Kurds and America is their supporter. 

Erdogan plays every card which goes against America and then when the time comes, he softens also and take benefits from America. He acts like a lion as well as fox. He works as per the political principles of Machiavelli.  He was the one who made this politics that is ongoing in your country as well. He told the rulers to leave ethics and just look at politics. He has given two models to politicians. To become cruel and also deceiving. Erdogan is doing the same, for Syria he becomes cruel and with others he acts like fox.

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