Political Markaz - Erdogan plays with both hands

Erdogan plays with both hands

Erdogan plays with both hands

Oct 29,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

There has been a conflict between Turkey and West from the time Erdogan got the desire to become Sultan. Our community likes Turkish dramas a lot because in these dramas a powerful Fateh Sultan is shown and our rulers also desire the world to see them as Sultan. This drama was made as ground for himself by Erdogan. They have caught one opposition leader since long and Western journalists present in Turkey are running a campaign for his release. Erdogan got annoyed and said I will deport ten journalists out of Turkey and after 24 hrs. Erdogan anger came down and took back his decision. Erdogan is a politician and knows how to play with the world and inside country. Turkey got down the war aircraft of Russia in Syria and next day he fell down in the feet of Putin to forgive. He plays both left and right hand. Our PM is not like this. Erdogan is making such atmosphere to keep situation in his control. Turkey plays offensive on West.

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