Political Markaz - Erdogan into cat and mouse game with Saudi

Erdogan into cat and mouse game with Saudi

Erdogan into cat and mouse game with Saudi

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The game between Saudi Arabia and Turkey like that of cat and mouse is going on. After the killing of journalists, Saudi Arabia is under big crisis and pressure globally in history. In Pakistan though there was no coverage given to the journalist killing but in the other world, social media this issue has been trigged that Ale Saud have brutally killed the journalist to the extent that those who were involved in this killing also had to condemn. The actual card of this killing is in the hand of Turkey and Turkey has started to play. As such their President is a very shrewd player and he gets out very clean from various issues and does not gets trapped. He has taken big risks but has come out successfully. He has now caught the tail of Saudi Arab. When the cat catches a mouse, all of them don’t eat they play with the Rat. The rat moves little, the cat again jumps and catches it. Turkey has started this game with Saudi Arabia. Saudi have done the deals with America and Europe but they are not successful with Turkey. It looks like Turkey wants to play a big game in the region .Turkey is after a big game and some people think Erdogan will take some money and resolve this. But looks like it is not a matter of money but an issue of power, authority and that of Ottoman Empire.  He wants to capitalize on this to become the global Islamic base for power and replace Saudi as a center of Muslims. When a fool gives an opportunity to a shrewd person, he does not wipes off the fool but takes full advantage from this fool. A clever person does not becomes fool.

Bin Salman can be given the same title as that of Marwan e Hemar (Donkey) of Bani Umayyah in their last governmental era. This Marwan was in one battle between Bani Umayyah and Bani Abbas.  He got the urge for Urinating and he went for urinating and in that state he was killed. It became a proverb that entire government was lost for one toilet. The 100 yrs of Ale Saud are also about to be over. Here also this donkey has been born and he has done this foolishness. Trump wants to milk till the last drop of cow. If this cow alive he wants it and he wants to milk them. Erdogan wants to come into their place and power. He has got their big weakness. The reason for killing this journalist was that he was about to open certain secrets of Yemen war in few days on that day or few days. The British Newspaper has written this in their news report. The British intelligent has written in news article was that they were aware 3 weeks before that Khashoggi wa about to reveal some big secrets about the Yemen war and they knew 3 weeks before about Ale Saud plans to kill him but they did not warn him. They knew that if these secrets were opened then all will suffer. They got trapped Saudi and now trying to use them.

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