Political Markaz - Engineered elections in Iran successful to elect Raeesi as President

Engineered elections in Iran successful to elect Raeesi as President

Engineered elections in Iran successful to elect Raeesi as President

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In Iran the expected results of elections have come out, where Ibrahim Raeesi has won the elections and after this is a wave of anxiety across the world including Pakistan has started. People are writing in Pakistan newspapers and TV anchors are also presenting absolute misguidance in Pakistan on media. They are talking in the same language as Israeli channel. The same interview of Israeli channel has been translated and presented by our TV anchors. Israel, Europe and America have given this impression that there is a fundamentalist, extremist, tyrannical president who has come in Iran and presenting his history of execution as Chief justice. Pakistan media is following Arabic media. Rahbar has done an interesting analysis of Arabic media. He said that in Iran there are elections, this Channel; Al Allam of Saudi talks about these elections. These Arabs generations and lineage have not even seen the face of voting ballot and I can tell you with guarantee that they cannot even differentiate between Fruit Crates and Voting ballots because they have not seen any democracy, votes. They are sitting and commenting for 24 hrs. on Iranian elections. It is like thieves talking about injustice of judges.

This is assured which I have mentioned before when I was questioned whether this election is engineered. I replied that show me one election which is not engineered across the world. One flaw of democracy is that you cannot implement the actual democracy anywhere in the world. You need to engineer it, with buying vote banks, poll booth rigging etc. In Iran the actual regime is of Wilayat e Faqeeh. What has happened in the past has been that those who are against Wali e Faqeeh has won elections. At times someone take supports of Wali e Faqeeh and wins election, but later becomes so powerful that they challenge Wali e Faqeeh that I have got so many million votes and how many votes Wali e Faqeeh has got? Due to this power they get intoxicated. These kinds of liberal people when they enter the system under veil, they create damages. If Iran keep on experimenting this all the time, who damages the system then this is foolishness. You need someone who is follower of Wali e Faqeeh and obeys him and not makes two governances. This type of President was required as per wisdom. The experience of Ahmadinejad has made the world cautions. He was ore revolutionary then Agha Raeesy. Now Raeesi has come who is completely under obedience of Rahbar, but after coming in power we don’t know what will happen. But in past his work has been completely in obedience to Wali e Faqeeh. They are afraid that he will listen to Wali e Faqeeh. So why are you all panicking, he has to listen to Wali e Faqeeh. One columnist has written that Pakistan government should be cautious that an extremist President has come in Iran. Taliban is taking over Afghanistan but there is no danger but from Iran there is threat?

Iran has their own issues and previous government was following what Rahbar was asking them to do so now they have a President who would do what Rahbar says. Jawad Zarif insulted Qasim Soleimani, a great martyred Mujahid who dedicated his entire life for a good cause. The previous government personnel were speaking the language of enemies but now these people are worried that this president will not come under American pressure. When he was questioned will you have dialogue with America, he said not me or anyone else unless the sanctions are lifted. Though it is wrong, Raeesi is an educated, experienced person and not extremist. When he was asked about relationship with Saudi; he said by heart we want to have good relationship and protect both nations. A hardline person is not like this.

One more news coming in Pakistan about Ibrahim Raeesi is that he will be the future Leader of Iran. Since there is no clear personality seen so the news is that he will be the Rahbar in future. These are just assumptions as some say about the son of Rahbar, some about Hassan Khomeini but there is no expression from Iran. This does not mean there is no news as such inside but there is definitely a concern about who would be the successor to Rahbar. If this estimation is correct and this is something being thought about in Iran as well then in my opinion this is good that they are giving future leader an experience to gain about the implementation affairs of nation, the way the current Leader also was President before becoming leader. He has been in judiciary since long, so he has gained experience in that. Now he will gain experience of Presidential affairs. So tomorrow if he gets the seat of Leader then he should not be inexperienced, hence from this perspective as well this is a good step. But what will happen about leadership cannot be estimated based on what is being mentioned from outside unless something is said from inside Iran. If this assumption is true that to make him Rahbar after President then according to me this is an excellent plan. It should be like this only instead of appointed a fresh person without any implementation experience who will then run the government by depending on suggestions from advisors. And this government cannot be run because Leader is one who has full control over all the affairs of the state.

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